Pins 4 Profit Announces Partnership to Teach Ecommerce Business Owners and Brands Pinterest Marketing and SEO for Pinterest

May 12 14:12 2021
Pins 4 Profit has announced a partnership that is aimed at teaching e-commerce business owners Pinterest Marketing and SEO for Pinterest to scale up profit and close deals

Pinterest has an exceptional selling power that e-commerce brands can leverage to make a profit from their e-commerce stores. To harness the power of Pinterest in building e-commerce brands, one needs a mastery of SEO for Pinterest and this is the focus of Pins 4 Profit’s partnership. The Pinterest Ads Agency is poise to train e-commerce business owners on the practice of SEO for Pinterest, Pinterest Ad setup, Analytics, and Pinterest Marketing. Lindsay also runs a mastermind & certification program for growing ecommerce entrepreneurs called Bankable Ecom Brand.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing contents online so that it appears as top result for searches of a certain keyword on search engines. It is like giving content more visibility online and this is a technique for gaining exposure and generating targeted leads. Ecommerce brands have Pinterest to help their business get exposure and this can only be achieved with SEO and Pinterest Ads

The partnership will see Pins 4 Profit train and teach e-commerce brands and owners how to run SEO for Pinterest, Pinterest Ad setup, Analytics for Pinterest, and other Pinterest Marketing tutorials. The training sessions will be held at Ad World, Ecom World, and Affiliate Summit. Pins 4 Profit is a leading Pinterest ads Agency in the world with over $35M/year in profitable client advertising spend. Their proven expertise in the art of Pinterest advertising and marketing makes them the go-to agency for Pinterest and e-commerce growth. 

Ecommerce business owners, e-commerce startups looking to grow an e-commerce brand, and brands that want to expand their marketing channels to no longer rely on Facebook and Google ads are the target audience for this training by Pins 4 Profit. Pinterest happens to be one of the most lucrative outlets for selling stuff on social media and they receive more targeted traffic than other platforms. With a good understanding of SEO for Pinterest, e-commerce brands will be able to generate leads, turn visitors into customers, and scale up their profit. 

For more information about the Pinterest marketing training and the services of Pins 4 Profit, visit their website at

About Lindsay Shearer

Lindsay Shearer is an internationally renowned speaker & CEO of Pins 4 Profit & BrandRanx Media with a focus on e-commerce. She started Pins 4 Profit in 2014 and the brand has grown to be a leading Pinterest ads Agency in the world with over $35M/year in profitable client advertising spend.

Lindsay has been an international leader in digital marketing with both paid social media & SEO for e-commerce brands for over 15 years. Having been featured in Ad World, Ecom World, Affiliate Summit, Entrepreneur, Market Watch & Social Media Examiner, Lindsay is a sought-after digital marketing expert in e-commerce.

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