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May 07 02:21 2021

Yvonne, Nicole, and Cecille Levy, successful mothers, entrepreneurs, and founders of Alev Jewelry, share their secrets on their unique jewelry that is perfect for each type of mom.

For Mother’s Day celebration, personalized jewelry designs are a unique and special present to surprise mothers. Each piece has its own story and its value persists over time, from generation to generation. 

Sisters Yvonne, Nicole, and Cecille Levy, the founders of Alev Jewelry, with their inspiring stories as wonderful mothers and successful entrepreneurs, share their best advice to choose a gift for every type of mother:

New Mom: She would love a personalized necklace with her son’s name on it. She will wear it every day and will not take it off.

Classic Mom: She loves to look attractive and charming, so any bracelets, necklaces, or other diamond bracelets will be the perfect gift for her. This type of jewelry is classic and modern. Diamonds are forever.

Fun Mom: For the original and unconventional mother who embraces being different and is not afraid of color in her jewelry, an enamel or rainbow piece would be the perfect gift. This type of jewelry is relatively new to the market and has gained a lot of fame in recent years.

Sporty Mom: Clip-on pieces make the perfect gift since she enjoys sports and looking modern and informal. This type of jewelry does not require special care, so she will never have to take it off.

Cool Mom: For this unique and confident mom, a combination of different bracelets and bangles will give her an unmatched look to let her personality shine through.

Since they were little, the sisters Yvonne, Nicole, and Cecille Levy liked to play as princesses of their fairy tale, surrounded by jewels and with big dreams to fulfill. Today, they lead their own company in the challenging world of fine jewelry in the United States, with their successful Alev Jewelry.

The three married very young, they started their own families and have shared the most important facet of their lives: being mothers. The decision to make a company together was always there and led them to find a common ground despite their different personalities, abilities, and careers.

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