The Story Behind the Stage Where Champions Celebrated

April 15 14:24 2021
The Story Behind the Stage Where Champions Celebrated
Finite Engineering in Overland Park, KS helps Progressive Products, Inc develop the stage that the Kansas City Royals celebrated their World Series victory on in 2015.

Overland Park, KS – Five and a half years ago on November 1st, 2015, the Kansas City Royals defeated the New York Mets in Game 5 of the World Series. A victory 30 years in the making was finally achieved. Just a couple days later, a parade would be held on November 3rd, welcoming an 800,000 fan-strong parade to flood the streets and celebrate the historic victory. Companies from all around sought to contribute what they could to make the parade a success. Progressive Products, Inc, now APEX Stages, a knowledgeable product developer in Pittsburg, Kansas was one such company that rose to the occasion. Their contribution would end up being one of the most important pieces of that grand day, the stage that the champions would celebrate on. The stage was designed and built in Kansas by Progressive Products, Inc. PPI and their partnership with Finite Engineering Associates 3D ensured that the state-of-the-art stage was not only built to standards, but fit for Champions. Together with Finite Engineering and a collaborative engineering process Progressive Products, Inc was able to design, build and later provide the platform that would forever be etched into the memories of hundreds of thousands of fans and become a permanent part of Kansas City history. Best of all, they did it right here in Kansas.

Just as they did with Progressive Products, Inc above, Finite Engineering takes the same approach for any project: work closely with its clients from evaluation to implementation to prioritize and fulfill requirements. Finite Engineering Associates 3D’s project creation approach focuses on delivering value at any level from concept design to animation. Companies use Finite Engineering Associates 3D as an extension of their engineering department. This enables them to access the engineering resources they need at the time they require them. Clients can reduce the possibility of losing sensitive process data due to a single engineer’s departure through training the company once and use them for the rest of their professional lives thanks to the adaptable engineering and design services.

From concept to production, Finite Engineering Associates 3D offers extensive engineering and design services. Their team is far more than just a consulting firm. The specialists collaborate closely with customers from evaluation to execution to prioritize and fulfill their needs, and they use the most up-to-date modeling tools and engineering procedures to ensure that clients can count on their staff to deliver on time. Clients selecting Finite Engineering Associates 3D are choosing certified professionals who have worked with businesses in over 40 industries. The product development services provided by Finite Engineering Associates 3D aims to surpass individuals’ requirements and produce outstanding performance. The team of accredited experts is ready to guide clients through every phase of the product development process, from concept to implementation.

Companies can automate their repetitive and manual design work, saving them time and money while also increasing revenue and development. Clients use the company’s resources as an extension of their technical team, contributing a large number of engineering resources to their project and the company. Finite Engineering Associates 3D helps the customers evaluate their operations to determine where time and resources are being wasted due to unnecessary engineering overhead. Their CAD Design Automation services help engineers and designers avoid inefficiencies in the design and engineering process.

Finite Engineering Associates 3D provides the clients with vast expertise and engineering experience, allowing them to run the new CAD software applications for their next engineering project. Mastering all of the specifics of file storage, data security, and other CAD environment aspects takes years of training and experience. From advice to setup and maintenance, Finite Engineering Associates 3D assists clients in maximizing their CAD environment. From start to finish, the CAD/IT service solution covers the entire engineering process.

Finite Engineering Associates 3D is located at 7311 W 132nd St St #180, Overland Park, KS 66213, USA. For inquiries, contact the engineering company via phone at (913) 578-8282 or visit its website for additional information.

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