Introducing Looksee: A “Social Productivity” App that will Revolutionize Task Management for Everyone

April 09 01:42 2021
Introducing Looksee: A "Social Productivity" App that will Revolutionize Task Management for Everyone
A magical combination of Social Networking, Productivity & Camera

AUSTIN, Texas – April 8, 2021 – Today, Real Life Apps announced the launch of Looksee; an innovative social productivity app. The app allows people to get things done through a far more friendly visual presentation rather than old-fashioned “to-do” lists. Looksee merges two completely different genres of apps, Social Networking and Productivity, into a new breakthrough category of “Social Productivity.”

Looksee enables the user to manage their own tasks, as well as delegate to others in their social circles. It is far more than just a productivity app because it encourages efficient social interactions. It gets straight to the point through a picture of the task rather than a wordy description. A simple yet so powerful approach to getting things done.

“As a visual person, I think the most efficient way for a human mind to absorb and process information is through pictures,” said Dr. Wasim Irshad, Founder of Real Life Apps and creator of Looksee. “We understand things way faster by seeing them and the cognitive load is much lighter as compared to reading text. When you describe a task with words, there is always room for misunderstandings. However, when you simply show a picture of the task, the other person instantly knows what you mean.”

The app’s primary strength comes from the way it tracks the progress of tasks. For example, the user gets notified when the recipient opens the task, accepts the work and then again when task is completed. This is what differentiates Looksee from simply texting a picture of the task to someone. To make this unique visual task management process work optimally in different settings, Looksee provides four usage modes, each designed to work within a separate sphere of the user’s life:

Boss Mode: Allows the user to easily delegate tasks to peers in their social network

Minion Mode: Helps parents manage life with their children, e.g., kids can request additional screen time in exchange for performing a task like doing the dishes

Me Mode: Enables the user to organize their lives and manage their own tasks with reminders

Princess Mode: A lighthearted venue for fun where users can express their emotions and cravings through cute selfies

“There were so many times I would tell my husband to do a chore for me. He would either forget or say that I never told him. Now I can just send him a Looksee and he’s got no excuse for not doing it. I’m notified when he’s done. Plus, incentivizing him with a date night really does wonders!” said Rutba Ahad, an avid Looksee user.

These four modes allow users to adapt Looksee to get things done in diverse situations. Thus, the app can find a role to play across work, family and life in general. It has immense appeal for parents, children, colleagues and friends. Looksee is available for download on the Apple App store:

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Real Life Apps is a tech startup based in Austin, Texas that specializes in building social apps and games. Established in 2018, the company currently has over 20 employees in five cities around the world. Besides Looksee, the company is the maker of wildly popular social deduction games such as Werewolf IRL, Mafia IRL, Resistance IRL, and Avalon IRL. The goal of the company is to boost productivity, encourage more social engagements, and to bring people together.

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