Alternative Replacement for HVR High Voltage High Power High Energy Ceramic Resistors

April 05 15:53 2021

Apr 5, 2021 – Shenzhen – HVC Company to laugh develop new type ceramic disc type high voltage resistor, which using Zinc oxide base material. This new type of ceramic resistor with many advance performance compare to traditional metal shell type high power resistor,also with much higher surge absorbed ability. This high voltage ceramic resistor is a good replacement for HVR’ resistor same high energy resistors.

Compare to HVR’s original high power resistor, HVC item also get approval by some fast train and smart grid market customer. They required the high power resistor manufacturer to offer them disc only(mostly for power electricity machine client) and also assembly type,(majorly for transportation equipment manufacturer), welcome to give a design idea and an existing HVR drawing, HVC’s engineer may offer professional solution. The performance of zinc oxide based high energy resistance of their company

Zinc oxide ceramic linear resistance is made of composite ceramic resistance inorganic materials, using advanced new ceramic technology, which has incomparable characteristics of traditional resistance. It has unique advantages in high frequency, high current pulse circuit, high energy absorption circuit, non intermittent power supply circuit, especially in the presence of impact energy, peak power, high voltage or low inductance and other conditions The composite ceramic resistor can provide a simple and economical solution to solve the industry pain point problem. The product has the advantages of instant absorption of great power, moisture-proof, dust-proof, small size, safety, long life and so on. In terms of performance, it is far more than the carbon black composite resistance at home and abroad. It is a new generation product, which is beneficial for customers to develop new products and create higher value for users.

Product advantages of HVC’s high energy disc resistors:

1. High power: the resistance value of the product can be adjusted, and it can withstand high current, and it can be used as high power resistance.

2. Large energy tolerance: the instantaneous energy absorption per cubic centimeter is more than twice that of the clay carbon black ceramic resistance produced in Europe; there is no failure phenomenon of film type and wire wound type resistance, and the reasonable structure makes the energy absorption distribution more uniform.

3. No inductance: about 0.4 uh, equivalent to the inductance of the same length of wire, suitable for high frequency and ultra high frequency environment.

4. High voltage resistance: it can be used in EHV and UHV power transmission system with high power and large heat capacity, and can withstand short-term overload and peak current.

5. Small volume: 1 / 10 – 1 / 2 of the volume of metal resistance and clay carbon black ceramic resistance, suitable for various instruments and equipment.

6. Stable performance: in the long-term use, the change rate of resistance of European clay carbon black ceramics is more than 1000 times, while the change rate of this product is within the design range, with little change.

7. Resistance to humidity, corrosion and oxidation: it can work in extreme environments such as dust, water, oil, high cold, ocean and space.

8. Anti vibration: reasonable structure makes the product have anti vibration function.

9. Safety: evenly absorb the energy in the resistance body to prevent explosion.

10. Long service life: it is a vicious circle phenomenon in the use of carbon black resistor, which is more than 10 times of the service life of carbon black resistor produced in Europe (30 years service life).

Main application industries:

1. High voltage resistance of high voltage and ultra-high voltage dis-connector.

2. Charge and discharge, large high voltage power equipment grounding protection resistance.

3. Neutral grounding protection resistance of transformer and substation.

4. Discharge protection resistor for wind power generation, nuclear power plant and photovoltaic generator set.

5. Large current and high power resistance required by electrical and power equipment in an instant.

6. High speed locomotives, cranes, elevators and other braking frequency conversion resistance harmonic elimination resistance.

7. Heating and non inductive resistance in aviation and aerospace field.

8. Corrosion resistance for offshore oil platforms, ships and warships.

9. Resistance capacitance absorption resistance of thyristor protection circuit.

10. Equipment soft start, current limiting, converter, capacitor discharge, false load and other fields.

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