Perfect Rotation Brings an Innovation That Helps Ballers Improve Shot Accuracy

February 22 14:31 2021
Perfect Rotation Brings an Innovation That Helps Ballers Improve Shot Accuracy

The love for the game of basketball is a prevalent force across the nation. Today, basketball enthusiasts, whether professional or not, all aspire for one thing: to improve their shot accuracy. Today, an innovative company has introduced a new invention that helps shooters improve accuracy and strength when attempting their shots. The product is called Perfect Rotation. 

The idea first came to founder Mitchell Adams over four years ago while preparing to play with his sons in a game of basketball. While shooting a medicine ball with built-in handles to activate his dormant shooting muscles, Mitchell’s hand found itself on one of the handles, and when he shot the ball, he got a perfect rotation. At that moment, he thought of creating a shooting ball with finger placements to aid in the shooting process. 

After sharing the idea with his sons, he next sought out his nephew, who had just graduated art school, to help sketch the idea. Within a few iterations of the drawing, Mitchell’s nephew drew what is now the Perfect Rotation basketball. He started sharing the sketches with his family and friends, who encouraged him to pursue the idea. Mitchell presented the idea to a patent attorney four months later and discovered nothing of the Perfect Rotation’s kind had existed yet. Everything else is history.

After four years, the Perfect Rotation basketball is picking up momentum in the market and has been a game-changer in the world of basketball for those that have adopted this ball as a training aid. Today, Mitchell hopes to spread the news and let all basketball lovers, players, coaches, and trainers know about the inventive new approach to significantly improving one’s shot. 

The Perfect Rotation basketball looks like any other regular basketball except for its heavier weight and design. The ball has patented channels that help activate the shooting fingers, which improves their action when flicking a ball during a shot. The ball’s design is engineered professionally to improve a shooter’s rotation, strength, and mechanics. The ingenious design helps a shooter master the perfect flick, a factor that adds to the ball’s trajectory and thus shot accuracy.

Usually, the Perfect Rotation isn’t meant to be shot at the basket, so players can practice shooting into the air or back and forth with a teammate. Because the ball is heavier than standard basketballs, the product helps build the necessary arm and finger strength to increase the shooter’s range. While the Perfect Rotation isn’t the first weighted ball, its function is unique compared to others of its adjacent kind. Most weighted basketballs only help straighten muscles from wrist to shoulder. The Perfect Rotation basketball channels help strengthen everything from fingertips to shoulder, improving shots significantly. 

The product also helps shooters improve their form and shot by creating muscle memory based on the ball’s design and function. Regardless of background, skill level, or body type, the Perfect Rotation basketball can help anyone improve their shot through consistent use and exercise. Mitchell Adams hopes to see the Perfect Rotation basketball become a staple in gyms, schools, and even for professional basketball teams one day. 

Mitchell Adams holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco. Before starting Perfect Rotation, Inc, he worked in and around sports for over 20 years and also spent time as an agent for the NFL from 2012 to 2018. Mitchell also has an extensive sales background and worked as Manager of Inside Sales, Channel Account Manager, and Global Sales Trainer at Recommind, now known as OpenText.

Since December of 2016, Mitchell now acts as the Principal Owner and CEO of Perfect Rotation, LLC. He hopes to scale his business in the next five years and turn Perfect Rotation into a household brand among all basketball lovers worldwide. He also sees coaches utilizing this product as a pre and post-workout routine for all basketball players at every level. 

To learn more about the product, visit the Perfect Rotation website or Facebook page.

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