Muneer Lyati – A Young Engineer Changing Norms

February 22 09:19 2021

Muneer Lyati (born November 16, 1982, Mecca, Saudi Arabia) is an ardent Saudi engineer and Mechanic. At the age of 38, he has achieved a lot more than his peers. After graduating from college, he quickly got his feet wet in the field as a mechanical engineer trainer at prestigious TVTC (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation) and hope to develop his career as an engine and vehicle specialist. He is the nimble and fast-paced trainer in occupational safety and Health Organization in Automobile mechanical engineering.

Muneer completed his Engineering degree from Jiddah college of technology, one of the best in Saudi Arabia. He opted to specialize in engines and vehicles that have heavily paid off in his professional career. Being the secretary of the Engineering Student Association, he has excellent grasp of the English language. 

He was frequently tasked with noting the Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) and taking memos. He is best known for the art of communication and negotiation in English. Years of training have also brushed up his socialization during his year-long corporate training. Moreover, his tenure at Al-Jazeerah Vehicles Company and Binladin Company taught him the resilience and skill to work well under pressure. As affirmed by leading business writers, the ability to work well in stressful situations is one of the most sought-after skills in the global corporate world. Being an IOSH alumnus, his managerial skills are top-notch. Muneer also can efficiently handle workplace conflicts and everyday problems with surprising ease.

With his unending thirst for learning, Muneer plunged into the ocean of technical skills. He has a high command over a wide range of software like MS Excel, Powerpoint, MS. word, Mat Lab, Auto Cad, SAP system, Carriage Work, and Solid system. His safety training also enabled him to learn driving and firefighting. Muneeb Lyati regards himself as an excellent divemaster and adequate firefighter.

He takes pride in providing the best through his detail-oriented behavior, proficient managerial, leadership, and socializing skills. In 2016, he underwent cooperative training at Alhamrani-Fuhs Petroleum as a maintenance engineer. In addition to his primary job functions, he has been recognized as a skillful operator at Hussain Al- Ali institute for his extraordinary commitment. He believes in advocating the rights of customers by keenly inspecting the quality of engines. So, that the customers only opt for the best quality. His philosophy is to empower the buyers’ concerns to the National government, NGOs, and any other relevant authority.  Muneer Lyati also seeks the opportunity to work in the private sector to broaden his managerial skills.

Throughout his adolescence, Muneer was intrigued by machinery, technical and communication skills. His favorite possession is to endow the customers with a tremendous quality of goods and services. Until now, Muneer followed the huge success with his groundbreaking performance in ample fields and still on his mission to give his best to accomplish a change in the system. While at the same time bringing his interest in technical things and making it possible to contribute to society as well.

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