Chhavi Singh Brings Women Artists to the Spotlight Through Her Online Platform ‘DailyDesignist’

February 22 14:19 2021
Chhavi Singh Brings Women Artists to the Spotlight Through Her Online Platform ‘DailyDesignist’

In this modern-day and age, it has become increasingly apparent that the social hierarchy caters to those at the top. Many people continue to suffer to this very day, and it begs the question of whether it is truly possible to attain personal happiness when suffering prevails in the world today. Chhavi Singh has taken it upon herself to create a positive impact within society by motivating people and taking up the prospects of social entrepreneurship.

Chhavi Singh is a product of the cultural capital of India, Varanasi. She has worked with various large companies such as massive investment banks like UBS, Morgan Stanley. Her tenure within these companies has surpassed a decade’s worth of experience. She earned her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from NYU, which is yet another prestigious credential in her repertoire.

After fully settling within the United States, Chhavi decided to establish her own business and become a mompreneur. Throughout her business efforts, she had made sure to always do something impactful to society rather than just a venture for profit. In 2018, she established her own platform, “DailyDesignist,” an online platform that currently has 400+ women artists from more than 16 different nations.

The platform aims to showcase the talents of women from different walks of life. Through DailyDesignist, working women and stay-at-home mothers are given the opportunity to showcase their original works on the artisan marketplace. Chhavi gained the idea from her past experiences working with large multinational corporations. She went ahead and poured in hours upon hours of research to help pinpoint the underlying problem faced by women artists.

Chhavi Singh was able to come upon the statistic that the number of professional women artists is far less compared to actual women who enroll in fine arts colleges. This is a whopping 45% of the total women. Another thing to note is that there are at least 25 to almost zero women artists who are at the top of the social pyramid, a ridiculous statistic considering the amount of talent that women artists have these days.

Thus, DailyDesignist hopes to flip the statistics and provide women artists with a powerful platform to help them establish their presence in the world. The startup also utilizes unique online teaching sessions for children above four years old and adults alike. This provides women artists with a separate revenue stream that allows them to teach children and expand the overall pool of artistic talent in the world.

DailyDesignist has also launched free mobile apps for art lovers for both iOS and Android devices. This move has allowed individuals to access the DailyDesignists services at the tip of their fingertips. Currently, Chhavi Singh’s platform is cooking up yet another product line called “Art Wearables.” This entails hand-painted dresses, accessories, and jewelry with folk art patterns.

Chhavi Singh is indeed an inspirational woman who aims to give other talented and exceptional women artists a chance to shine within the limelight. In the near future, she aims to become a global unicorn in the arts ecosystem, helping more and more women empower themselves and expose their brilliant talents to the entire world.

To know more about Chhavi Singh, make sure to check out the DailyDesignist’s official website.

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