Aftercare Services in any Drug or Alcohol Rehab Program are a Crucial Part of Recovery

February 22 09:16 2021

While inpatient rehabilitation is a major part of initial recovery from any drug or alcohol addiction, it is a safe environment, where a patient is protected from the real worries and stresses of the world. There are no concerns about the usual family problems, work problems, or association with those that participated as enablers in a patient’s addiction. After leaving an inpatient rehab facility, patients many times transition to a group home setting in order to re-enter the “real world” on a gradual basis. However, this must come to an end eventually, and that is when the patient is tested almost daily on their commitment to sobriety. 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility that understands this and prepares the patient with real life and real- world coping skills before they go back to their life outside a protected environment. Success on one’s own after rehab has several components involved in it. 

1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre with locations throughout Canada and the United States, understands the crucial components of aftercare success in total rehabilitation. A 24-hour hotline that is open 7 days per week is provided, and programs that are local to patients, such as twelve-step programs are located on behalf of each client. If a patient is exposed to family or friends that can enable the addiction and a possible relapse, help and assistance is offered to these individuals as well since addictions occur within a realm of circumstances, not solely on their own. If an area is filled with other addict friends, then a location other than this area might be chosen for permanent residence for the patient. Exercise and meditation as well as all other coping mechanisms besides drug usage are taught while in the rehab programs offered by 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre. 

Reentry into the world at large can be as difficult if not more so than the actual detoxification process. The challenges and emotions that existed before the addiction occurred remain after the first stage of rehab, which is the initial detox. 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre understands this and puts as much time and effort into the availability and choice of aftercare services as they do into the actual detoxification process. Addiction-free lifestyles are a total change for most addicts and are not a once and done activity. They are a lifelong battle with the stresses and management of everyday life that drove someone with an addiction into a misuse of drugs and alcohol. As much time and energy, if not more must be provided by a rehab center on the reentry into real life or all the hard work done in getting clean and sober will quickly lead to a relapse. Changing an addict’s entire approach to life must occur for success. 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre understands this and provides all the tools necessary for successful total recovery. Their patients are considered important for a lifetime and their approach has been wildly successful for many patients.

About 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre

1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre has many locations throughout Canada and the United States and takes the rehab process seriously for the lifetime of its patients, with a thorough and comprehensive aftercare program that sees much success. Counselors are available through chat and phone call around the clock when any patient feels stressed or finds themselves craving a substance. This approach has led to the many success stories that 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre has accomplished. Educational materials and access to local counselors is provided for all patients as part of aftercare.

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