Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour Welcomes a Powerful Speaker in Tina D. Lewis

February 22 14:06 2021
Shawn Fair's Leadership Experience Tour Welcomes a Powerful Speaker in Tina D. Lewis

After years of staying on top, Founder of Fair Consulting, Shawn Fair is bent on continuing his legacy—this time, by opening the curtains of his Leadership Experience Tour,  the #1 speaking platform for aspiring and seasoned speakers, with the lauded Tina D. Lewis as the Keynote Speaker.

An absolute powerhouse, Tina D. Lewis is a 3-time best-selling author and sought-after international speaker whose influence stretches across borders. She is also the ingenious entrepreneur behind Royalty Coaching LLC, a strategic marketing and execution firm along with being the Creator of The 6-Figure Incubator, a blueprint for committed entrepreneurs to gross a six-figure income and beyond. With a unique ability and unparalleled expertise in catapulting her audience to raise their game and dominate their industry with a no-excuse attitude, Tina is a fresh and highly-anticipated addition to Shawn Fair’s awe-inducing roster of speakers.

Those speakers are a part of Shawn’s brilliant platform in the broadcasted Leadership Experience Tour and his talented team in the Fair Consulting Group. As a coveted consultant for game-changing corporations in the United States of America, Canada, and Europe, Shawn carries significant influence in the business world.

His genuine and personal coaching service has also made him a leading character in the training industry. Through the years, he has elevated a whopping 300,000 individuals worldwide. His raging impact is heavily anchored on his principle of leading by example. As he guides his ventures to recognition, he displays seemingly effortless success and promotes a respectful and dynamic work environment for his employees.

To further his message, he founded the Leadership Experience Tour program, a highly exclusive club for in-demand speakers. With a track record of raising businesses and entrepreneurs, the program is looking to lift its audience a step higher in 2021 by welcoming the world-renowned revenue invoker, Tina D. Lewis.

Dominating both the business world and the stage, Tina D. Lewis is a multi-mogul liaison who has been propelling entrepreneurs to gross a six-figure income in 6-12 months through the proven system of the 6 Figure Incubator. By asking the pertinent question, “What’s your Bottom Line?” she has blazed through numerous industries, catapulting entrepreneurs and brands while collecting high-ranking titles in each of her endeavors.

Her impact has been recorded in giant TV networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox News, just to name a few. Tina’s documented success covers being named “Woman of the Year 2019” and her sold-out events and back table sales at speaking events express her passion for creating real wealth opportunities for vetted and aspiring professionals. Tina has fondly earned the nickname, “Bottom Line” Queen. With her unbelievable synergy, she holds a seamless ability to translate her drive for growing wealth, producing six-figure commodities for quality entrepreneurs and equipping them with groundbreaking strategies to stay above water. Aside from her undeniable impact on her audience, Tina D. Lewis is also an inspirational philanthropist behind “Her Business Matter.” The exclusive non-profit organization designed to help young girls ages 9 to 19 to learn to Master S.E.L.F (self-esteem, science, entrepreneurship, leadership, and financial literacy). Find out more at

Her signature talks, “Time,” “Sales in Stilettos – How to Generate A 6-Figure Income Without Being A Slave or Selling Your Soul,” and “Pivot, Position & Prosper” carry similar motivating themes and have exposed Tina’s exceptional enterprising ability in creating an opportunity out of setbacks.

Broadening the crowd on the receiving end of her ability, Tina D. Lewis is teaming up with Shawn Fair in his Leadership Experience Tour. Her unyielding commitment to the success of entrepreneurs worldwide is undoubtedly an asset to the program. With Tina delivering results without compromising the “Bottom Line” and with Shawn Fair leading his crowd by stellar example, the Tour introduces exciting changes and motivating talks for definite success in 2021 and beyond.

Witness Tina D. Lewis as she headlines on the Shawn Fair TV Channel on Onstage Plus, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, IOS, Android TV, and Chromecast. Learn more about the powerhouse speaker on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

To stay updated on Tina and Shawn’s upcoming endeavors and announcements, the energizing moguls are available on the Fair Consulting Group’s official website.

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