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February 19 07:39 2021
Rose Lemke, the lead author behind popular DIY blog “What Rose Knows” provides reliable content with expert opinion and tips for her audience.

Rose Lemke is a DIY blogger having over 5 years of experience writing about various topics related to being a homeowner. With a dedicated audience and a domain that’s gaining more and more popularity with each passing day, Rose has established a strong presence for her brand as she continues to lead her DIY blog “What Rose Knows” with expert opinion and secrets about home decor, lifestyle and beauty.

Being the author behind “What Rose Knows”, the DIY blogger follows a simple philosophy in her writing. During a recent interview, Rose suggested, “I believe that everyone has the capability to make their home their own personal oasis.” She further added, “I hope to guide, inspire, and share my knowledge with those that may suffer from decorating doubt.”

A quick glance of the blog reveals several other key areas that the readers regularly love visiting and reading about. Rose has populated her DIY crafts section with insights and details about her own personal projects. The section is filled with tips on Christmas decor ideas as well as DIY recipes that can be made at home, all based on Rose’s personal experiences while managing a home with 2 kids.

Speaking further about her love for writing on home decor, Rose explained, “Between my natural knack for home decor and my longtime experience with deal blogging, creating a stylish home on a simple budget is my passion. And this is what I also love writing about!”

More recently, the author has been focusing on uncovering reviews and secrets about several famous products in the skin care and beauty industry. According to Rose, “This new category of blogs on my section is being particularly well received because I’ve discovered that the readers love finding out about whether a certain product actually works or not!”

This new product reviews section talks about debunking various items, the latest of which include Replenish 911, Tressurge, LumaSlim, and more. Rose’s blog also covers tips and suggestions for weight loss and wellness both.

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