The First Guiping (Mule) China International Culture Tourism and Casual Sportswear Festival Grand Opening

December 21 18:03 2020

On December 18, the first Guiping (Mule) China International Culture Tourism and Casual Sportswear Festival was successfully opened in Mule Town, Guiping City, Guangxi. At the signing ceremony for investment promotion of Guiping Textile and Garment Industrial Park, the city signed 11 projects with a total investment of 10.7 billion yuan, of which 10 textile and garment production projects were signed, with an annual output value of 3.36 billion yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Guiping City has overcome the impact of the epidemic, resolutely implemented the industrial development concept of “strong leader, supplementary chain, and cluster”, accelerated the construction of a new pattern of high-quality modern industrial development, and proposed to focus on the development of “five industries” and the construction of “four major parks “.The idea of working is to cultivate the five major industries into industries with a total output value of more than 10 billion yuan or even more than 50 billion yuan in about three years. Among them, the textile and garment industry ranks first in the “Five Industries”, and Guiping Textile and Garment Industrial Park is the fastest in the construction of the “Four Parks”, and is committed to becoming the country’s largest sportswear production base.

The textile and garment industry is a traditional advantageous industry in Guiping City and one of the eight pillar industries in Guigang City. At present, Mule Town, Guiping City has more than 400 apparel companies, including more than 20 enterprises above designated size, more than 100 independent brands, 4 wholesale sales R&D centers, more than 700 sales stores, and 300 network sales points in Guangdong. It is the largest casual sportswear production base in Guangxi. Its products are sold throughout the country and exported to America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. It has strong brand influence and relatively strong brand influence in the textile and apparel field.

Guiping Textile and Garment Industrial Park is located in Mule Town, Guiping City, with a total planned area of ​​15,000 acres. It focuses on 3 major development paths and lays out 4 major sectors, 10 major functions, and 22 subdivisions of the textile and clothing industry chain. In accordance with the principle of “industrial clusters, enterprise agglomeration, and land intensive”, and centering on the goal of “creating the country’s largest production base for leisure sportswear”.Build the park into a large platform for the industrial transfer of the Guangdong-HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Hangzhou Bay and other eastern regions, and build the strongest and most complete industrial chain of textiles and garments and the development of industry-city integration with high concentration, high visibility, high tax efficiency and high management level Demonstration park.

At present, the park is carrying out the first phase of 5,000 acres of construction, implementing the “five synchronizations” of planning, land acquisition, investment, financing, and construction, including land acquisition, financing and the “seven connections and one leveling” infrastructure construction of the park. Is accelerating.

The theme of this clothing festival is “Guiping Clothing World Walk”, with the integration and development of “cultural tourism + industry” and “sports + industry” as the main line. Through holding such a cultural exchange, tourism promotion, clothing display, and sports competitions An all-in-one event to showcase and promote Guiping’s textile and clothing industry and cultural tourism industry in an all-round way, and use this as an opportunity to accelerate the upgrading of the traditional textile and clothing industry to “intelligent manufacturing”, the transformation to the development of the integration of secondary and tertiary industries, and the development of the clothing industry The new business format will play a major role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the garment industry in Guiping and even the country.

This year’s clothing festival has built many new platforms in clothing design, clothing culture, exhibition and sales docking, online and offline, etc., with unlimited creativity and more business opportunities. During the clothing festival, all 4A and 3A scenic spots in the city will be open for free. Show the rich tourism resources of Guiping, and make every effort to promote the integrated development of cultural tourism industry, clothing industry, sports industry and other industries.

More than 1,000 people including leaders of China National Textile and Apparel Council and relevant units of the autonomous region, Guigang and Guiping cities, representatives of the Guiping Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs and media reporters attended the opening ceremony.

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