Nasik Rav’s Development of Communities Amidst the Pandemic

December 21 17:57 2020
Nasik Rav’s Development of Communities Amidst the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected so many people and has driven the economy to go downhill, forcing some business owners to lose their revenue. As a way to cope, people have been helping one another in any way they can. Nasik Rav, a serial entrepreneur, has been finding ways to help business owners regain their footing.

Nasik Rav is a pseudonym for Prince Rav Yisrael, who originally hails from New York City. He is not only a serial entrepreneur but a community developer, political candidate, and educator as well. He moved to a city in Hancock County, Georgia, where he campaigned for the City Council in 2019. Despite campaigning for only two months, Nasik had only lost his bid by a small margin. 

However, this did not discourage him from his goal to help the community. He continued to help by developing a residential community in rural Georgia of over 200 acres. As an entrepreneur, Nasik founded a non-profit to address food shortages and providing several economic opportunities with various businesses. The success prompted him to create an online entrepreneurship training and help aspiring business owners.

Nasik helps business owners improve their businesses to gain more customers by guiding them with proper brand management. He has also been assisting business owners to acquire business funding and helping entrepreneurs build their business credit.

Most business owners have a story to tell, and Nasik wants to help them tell it. By using visuals, digital marketing, creative positioning, and media interaction, they are guaranteed to improve their business recognition.

To achieve this, Nasik has a team of creatives that can provide businesses with graphic design and animation, which can be used for dynamic and exciting storytelling. Apart from telling their brand story, graphic design can be used to help them create an innovative web design to present their brands attractively as well as creating a successful event strategy. 

Nasik’s team can also cover other areas, such as public relations and media buys. Understanding how media relations work helped him quickly connect with his community members in Sparta, Georgia. His two months of campaigning is an excellent example of the effective media planning his team can create. Nasik’s team is capable of building public trust through events and social media, which can help businesses reach their biggest audience to date. 

Apart from helping communities grow, Nasik has also begun a new venture as a movie producer. His first production stars Brandon T. Jackson, Clifton Powell, Juhahn Jones, and Erica Pinkett. The story will revolve around Brandon T. Jackson’s character, a drug dealer that navigates through the struggles of life in a pursuit for a career in music. 

Growing up in poverty on the Eastern side of New York, Brooklyn inspired Nasik to produce this film. He has lived through the height of the crack epidemic and made his way out to become successful, paying it forward with his many projects to build and develop communities. With this film, he will be telling a story that many can relate to.

To know more about Nasik’s ventures, you may visit his website, or follow him on his Instagram account.

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