Alert 360 Introduces New, Smart Doorbell Camera in Time for Holiday Gift Giving, Package Deliveries

December 21 15:27 2020
Alert 360 Introduces New, Smart Doorbell Camera in Time for Holiday Gift Giving, Package Deliveries
Top-Rated home security, business security, and home automation company offers next-generation, video doorbell for a more secure front door, property.

Alert 360, one of the nation’s largest providers of home and business security and automation, has introduced its next-generation video doorbell, the Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell Camera 2.0. The new doorbell security camera – which provides the latest in video analytics, more useful alerts, and 150-degree, HD viewing – is available in time for holiday gift giving and to help protect package deliveries. Year-round, the smart video doorbell ensures more awareness of front-porch or yard activity and provides the ability to view or interact with visitors or uninvited guests.

Alert 360’s latest video doorbell camera has an expansive 150-degree, vertical field of view, allowing Alert 360 customers to monitor an entire doorway area, including inside. The security camera’s two-way audio and full portrait viewing from the Alert 360 app make it easier than ever to see and speak with visitors. The Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0 also uses advanced video analytics and touchless technology to minimize false-positive motion detection and to enable rapid detection of people, so you receive alerts even if visitors don’t ring the doorbell.

The new Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0 features include:

  • Expansive Field of View (150° V, 115° H)
  • Full HD (1440 x 1920) video resolution
  • High dynamic range (HDR)
  • IR night vision
  • Intelligent video analytics for faster, more relevant security alerts
  • Touchless technology
  • Live video and saved clip viewing
  • Tamper-proof, secure cloud video storage
  • Two-way audio through the Alert 360 mobile app
  • Battery heater for low-temperature operation
  • 2×2 antenna for improved Wi-Fi range
  • Compatibility with existing doorbell transformers (requires 16-30 VAC, 10 VA)
  • Compatibility with mechanical and digital chimes

The benefits of the new Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0 allow you to:

  • Have instant front-door awareness no matter where you are;
  • Stay connected with video from indoors, outdoors, around your front door;
  • Set customizable alerts to specify what you want to see or not see;
  • Have lights turn on when a car is detected in your driveway;
  • Receive notifications when a person enters your yard but not animals;
  • Enjoy instant awareness when a person is detected even if they don’t ring the bell;
  • Define an area on your porch, such as a door mat, for a visitor to stand to activate the doorbell, hands-free;
  • Set scheduled recordings for key events, such as the door opening or the security alarm going off;
  • Adjust front porch lights, lock or unlock the front door, open and close garage doors and arm or disarm your security system from Alert 360’s online doorbell screen; and
  • Watch live video or view recorded clips from anywhere, at anytime.

“Our latest Alert 360 video doorbell delivers high-tech viewing, robust analytics, more options, and convenient mobile app control,” said Richard Ginsburg, president and CEO, Alert 360. “When combined with a complete home or business security system, the doorbell camera provides more options and convenience whether you are away or just don’t feel like answering the door. It helps ensure safer deliveries, increased awareness, and a more secure entrance. There’s no better time to add the latest front door security device than during the busy holiday season, when online shopping and gift delivery increases.

“Our doorbell security camera has always been a popular device for our customers. We’re excited to offer this upgraded doorbell camera option that delivers peace of mind for small business owners and families, keeping properties more secure and packages out of the hands of thieves,” Ginsburg added.

Alert 360 recommends the following easy steps for preventing stolen packages and protecting deliveries, with the help of the new Alert 360 Smart Video Doorbell 2.0:

  • Use a combination of the video doorbell and smart locks, which allows you to see and secure your deliveries using a convenient, mobile app;
  • Visually confirm who is visiting and when packages are delivered;
  • Speak to delivery drivers and provide instructions for where you prefer packages to be placed. With an Alert 360 mobile app and the new video doorbell camera, you can ask the driver to place the package inside, unlocking the door and disarming your security system via the app, or have it placed in another secure area; and
  • When your package is secure inside, use your Alert 360 app to lock the door and re-arm your security system.

“Research shows that front doors and porches are some of the most common areas for theft and quick access by thieves,” said Ginsburg. “At Alert 360, we know the value our customers place in being able to quickly detect an uninvited visitor who lingers or when packages are delivered. Our new, smarter doorbell camera helps protect a home’s or business’ most vulnerable space. Along with interior and exterior security system devices – including security cameras, automation, smart locks and lighting, alarm monitoring, and remote access via mobile app – home and business owners easily can save valuable time and prevent loss all year long.”

Alert 360 has provided award-winning security services to home and business owners for nearly a half century. As a leading home security and business security company, Alert 360 partners with global technology providers to continually develop and offer security services that create a better experience for consumers. Across the United States, Alert 360 offers wireless security systems; home automation devices; mobile app access; professional-grade IP security cameras; smoke alarms; carbon monoxide detectors; medical alert pendant; glass break and motion sensors; water leak detection devices; keyless entry; smart thermostats; remote garage door control; smart lighting; live video footage; recorded clips; indoor and outdoor cameras; doorbell cameras and more. Alert 360’s certified security technicians also provide professional integration of home automation devices, including sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Alert 360 continues to offer critical lifesaving security services amid COVID-19 concerns, with Limited-Touch service and installation. Find a local Alert 360 home and business security service location here.

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Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring providers. Today, the company is the fourth largest provider of monitored home security and home automation solutions in the United States. The company has been named an Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Privately Held Company in America,” a “Best Home Security Provider,” and a “Best Places to Work.”

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