Arnold Missouri Tree Services Responds To Flooding Related Tree Problems

December 21 15:15 2020
The tree service serving Jefferson County is knowledgeable about the problems that occur when an area experiences heavy flooding, as is Arnold’s case. The experienced technicians remove trees and branches, which are a danger when flooding occurs.

Tree Service Jefferson County is pleased to announce that they are able to take care of damaged or uprooted trees that occur when floodwaters cause problems. Arnold Missouri tree services technicians respond quickly when trees are uprooted or when branches are swept along with moving waters and come up against bridges, levees, or other structures. Arnold, Missouri, is a location for some of the most significant flooding in the county caused by the rising waters of the Meramec River.

When the waters rise, old or rotten trees can often be uprooted or torn down. When the large chunks of wood are carried swiftly down the Meramec and can bump into houses, buildings, and vehicles. Alternatively, the trees and branches are left to rot in fields and yards. Prevention of the type of damage and other types of storm damage resulting from snow, ice, heavy rain, or high winds is a high priority for the tree service firm.

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Older trees are especially vulnerable to storm damage, so it is critical to keep older growth well-trimmed so that the branches don’t become so large and unwieldy when strong winds and fast-moving waters rush against them. Rotten and dead wood should be removed so that it is not knocked down when the storms hit. Even a relatively small piece of wood can cause significant damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles during a storm.

When the trees on the customer’s property need attention, it is important to contact highly trained, experienced, and skilled professionals. They work safely and effectively to ensure that the customers’ property is kept as safe as possible. Tree pruning and trimming can be risky for individuals and property who do not have the training, experience, and equipment to do the work safely and efficiently. It is best to have the work done by those who have the expertise and equipment to do so safely.

About the Company:

Tree Service Jefferson County has a team of professionals who has the experience to safely and effectively perform tree care services. 

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