“Does God Exist?”: Newly-Discovered Scientific Proof God Exists

December 21 15:09 2020

It is estimated that there are over 4,300 religions in the world.

Each claim to be correct.

Many people believe none are correct.

And, while Christianity is the number one, in terms of the number of members, with 2.2 billion believers, neither size nor the fervour of a religion’s membership, nor it’s age guarantee anything- most people believed the world was flat until recent centuries.

Almost all religions have no proof.

Many have some kind of ‘bible’.

Some even have archaeological evidence of past people or events contained in their writings.

But that alone does not prove their supernatural or divine claims.

This inter-disciplinary book, by necessity, links theology and science.

In this book, the author presents newly discovered, inviolable circumstantial evidence, which is arguably so strong, this exceeds the standards required by most courts worldwide in convicting suspects based on DNA matching alone.

And yet, while the events in Jerusalem were well documented at the time, this scientific circumstantial evidence would only be revealed now, some 2,000 years later.

The author also humbly proposes possible reasons why these extraordinary circumstances were not revealed in the times of the authors of the Gospels, instead, only to be uncovered 2,000 years later, including at the time of writing this, in recent days and weeks.

Nobody on the planet has ever known about these facts – until the author, in recent days and weeks –

Also presented are extremely well-documented and scientifically-verified modern-day events which are worthy of being called nothing else but miracles – a term which is frequently over-used.

In this short book, you will find nothing but cold, hard proof. Ample proof. No appeal to leaps of faith are required because that’s what every religion does.

Unless otherwise specifically mentioned, the only evidence presented in this book is scientific, published and peer reviewed and applies courtroom logic.

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