Passionate About High-End Sneakers? Not As Much As JStacks

December 21 15:03 2020
Passionate About High-End Sneakers? Not As Much As JStacks

Meet JStacks

Giovanni Magnanti, also known as Johnny or JStacks, is a Phoenix, Arizona blogger who grew up with a passion for sneakers, especially high-end ones. He began his love of sneakers when he put on a pair of Nike Jordan’s at a young age, and his passion for the community has only grown with his age.

JStacks appreciates the joy of getting a new pair of good, stylish sneakers all the more because they were not commonplace in his childhood. This has stayed with him and become an integral part of his connection to the sneaker community.

As JStacks grew, he never forgot when he was younger. His mom wasn’t always able to give him any new sneaker, let alone the cutting edge, cool one, which has inspired him to not only share his still evergrowing sneaker collection but to build his following and page to the point where he can have frequent giveaways on his Instagram page at

“I remember when my mother could not afford to purchase new shoes for me as a kid, and because of that, I want to give back to the community through free giveaways and donations to single moms and less fortunate children throughout Arizona.” – Giovanni Magnanti (aka Johnny or JStacks)

Shoes For The Future

JStacks has worked hard to comprise a team with anywhere from six to eight people on it at any point in time. These team members are all sneaker enthusiasts who share JStacks vision of giving back through giveaways and donations of sneakers. Therefore, they all put their funds into the pot to buy the sneakers awarded to the giveaway winners.

JStacks doesn’t stop there, however. He uses his funds to purchase both new sneakers and shoes for children in need not only in AZ but in many cities throughout the United States. JStacks believes that new shoes can help a child feel more confident in themselves and that this new pair of shoes could take them to new heights in their life and new places.

By providing those less fortunate children with a pair of fabulous new shoes, they can build to make new memories and achieve more milestones in life.

Get Entered

If anyone is interested in being entered into the giveaways that could deliver a pair of Nike Jordan Retro 1’s to you, follow Giovanni’s page @iamjstacks. All it takes to be entered in the giveaway is to follow his Insta and comment on your shoe size on the giveaway announcement posts.

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