Zachary Sarf Looks to Provide Important Real-Life Tools Through Create Every Opportunity

December 21 14:54 2020
Zachary Sarf Looks to Provide Important Real-Life Tools Through Create Every Opportunity

People often point out how important education is. While it does provide us with the knowledge to get through life, education doesn’t necessarily give us the tools needed to survive in the real world. Once they finish school or decide to drop out, they realize they severely lack the knowledge of many important subjects. Create Every Opportunity or CEO is an organization that’s looking to fix that problem.

Create Every Opportunity is an education organization that provides high schools, both public and private, with an educational program and resource that teaches and enhances entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills. It was founded by Zachary Sarf, an entrepreneur who started his ventures while he was still studying. Zachary built his first business when he was still a sophomore in college. 

The company proved to be successful, and Zachary decided that he wanted to do more in terms of social entrepreneurship. So he decided to look into education and realized that the system didn’t provide anything related to real-world problems. From there, Zachary got the idea of what his next venture would be about. He created the Create Every Opportunity organization.

Create Every Opportunity provides high school students and schools with an afterschool & hybrid learning platform that teaches the importance of entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and common sense knowledge. CEO offers lessons curated by industry leaders from several fields that help the students learn the basics and fundamentals to grow their businesses. They also give the students and schools access to various resources like mentorships from industry professionals, investments, and internship opportunities along with scholarships, grant programs, student competitions, and school & club incentives, among many others.

The organization gets their lesson programs from industry leaders like billionaire John Catsimatidis, Miami mayor Francis Suarez, Shark Tank entrepreneur Sabin Lomac, and other visionaries across different fields. The learning programs are designed to help students learn the ropes behind growing and maintaining businesses while encouraging them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. They have over 24 hours worth of video content. CEO also includes a training module for the school staff to learn how to deploy their programs appropriately.

Along with their offline resources, CEO’s access allows students to visit their private crowdfunding platform and seek out donations, and crowdfund their business. More than anything, they intend to instill entrepreneurial thinking in the younger generation, even if they don’t think they have the resources to chase their dreams. CEO breaks barriers to ensure their students are getting the most impactful and educational lessons while allowing them to go through the “real-world experience,” which isn’t taught in any high school curriculum across the country.

Create Every Opportunity’s programs can be run within any current business class that schools offer. Students can run the program as a hybrid learning module with the pandemic looming through their exclusive CEO portal. Zachary Sarf hopes to see his organization become more implemented within the education system, not just in America but worldwide, to educate the world about financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

To learn more about Create Every Opportunity, you may visit their website.

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