Brien Allen Finds Success in Diverse Fields Through Versatility and Authenticity

December 21 14:48 2020
Brien Allen Finds Success in Diverse Fields Through Versatility and Authenticity

As a petroleum engineer, lead guitarist, and vocalist to multiple bands, Brien Allen is living proof that pursuing one’s dreams can lead to success. Even as he develops versatility and diversity, Allen works hard to support his performance with technical mastery.

Brien Allen’s mother is an artist and musician, while his father was a self-employed geophysicist. This family background exposed Allen to the variety of paths a person can take in life. As a child, his greatest priority was to make his family proud. Recognizing his love for science and his father’s involvement in the oil and gas industry, he decided to become a petroleum engineer.

In 2010, Brien Allen entered the University of Texas to earn his degree in petroleum engineering. However, midway through his college experience, Allen realized that his calling was in music. He still decided to complete his degree, but he started on a divergent path soon after leaving the university in 2014. For years, Allen witnessed many men and women suffer from failing to stay true to themselves, and he refused to make the same mistake.

After graduation, Brien Allen joined a local rock band, then he started touring and playing shows. Unfortunately, his early foray into the music industry did not get him far. Instead of becoming discouraged and giving up, Allen learned his lesson, rebranded himself, and started over.

Today, he is in the best bands and developing his many talents. Brien Allen is involved in Altermind, a progressive metal band from Austin, TX. They have collaborated with some high-profile vocalists, like Lauren Babic, on various singles and are preparing to release an album in 2021.

At the same time, Brien Allen is also involved in Al Cielo, a Latin/pop-rock group formed under the guidance and mentorship of music legend Charlie Walk. Al Cielo is a national act with members coming from across the United States. Their catalog of singles—combining several genres such as rock, Latin, electronic, and pop—is also slated for release next year.

As if that were not impressive enough, Brien Allen is involved in a third group called Bridges Ablaze. What makes this two-member group unique is that both members are singers and lead guitarists. Bridges Ablaze is known for its distinct, duet-like sound created by this setup.

Brien Allen has truly made a name for himself because of his versatility. He is involved in diverse projects, not only in number but also in scope, type, genres, and medium. Allen is even in talks to play a role in an independent film for 2021. Despite the extraordinary demands of such a diverse array of commitments, Allen brings immensely technical skills to the table. He is careful not to spread himself too thin and forget about the quality of his performance.

Although he specializes in different guitar shredding techniques, Brien Allen finds the most creative fulfillment in incorporating these lead guitar techniques into more popular and mainstream genres. His versatility is in stark contrast to most shred guitarists who never explore, focusing instead on specialized subgenres.

Brien Allen describes the journey of his life as challenging and full of suffering. However, he is filled with gratitude as he looks back on how he transcended each obstacle. What kept him going is his absolute lack of willingness to betray his dreams.

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