Eva Melton’s “Breadcrumbs To Purpose” Propels Readers To Their Higher Purpose

December 21 14:45 2020
Written by celebrated author and pastor Eva Melton, “Breadcrumbs To Purpose” takes a unique approach to spiritual fulfillment.

Esteemed author Eva Melton introduces her inspiring new title Breadcrumbs To Purpose: Discovering Who You Are and Why You Are Here. The book has been crafted to encourage, motivate, and assist readers in aligning with their God-given potential in life. Inspired by her own journey to finding her divine purpose, Eva’s book provides wisdom and actionable steps toward greater fulfillment.

By incorporating faith-based principles and taking Eva’s “no holds barred” approach, Breadcrumbs To Purpose strives to guide those who may be struggling with identity. The process to the higher purpose outlined in this book gives readers access to the tools they need to get back on the right track and foster a more rewarding life and career.

Breadcrumbs To Purpose encourages readers to honor their unique identity while utilizing techniques to make them more aware of the hurdles in their path to purpose. Those barriers are composed of internal and external forces, such as empty habits that can be overcome once recognized. Although the route to a divinely assigned purpose is not easy, this book makes it worthwhile. 

“My goal is to help you discover who you are and why you are here,” says Eva Melton. Aside from her work as an author, she is also a life strategist and accountability coach whose past is defined by guiding others to turn their lives toward faith and fulfillment. Since 2008, she has been serving in ministry, where she’s spent time coaching people to find their pathways to purpose in life, work, faith, identity, and healing through social justice. This crucial work helped inform the practices outlined in her book, which can be translated into readers’ daily lives.

About The Author

Eva Melton is the founder and senior pastor of The Firm Foundation Church in Birmingham, Alabama. She holds a Masters in Religion from Ashland Theological Seminary. Through writing and podcasting, Eva expresses spiritual principles to inspire her audiences to establish their own divine path. 

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