Chick N’ Skin Now Sells Prepackaged Products, Gears Up To Go Nationwide

November 20 07:36 2020
The brand brings ethnic chicken flavors to American homes with its chicken skins.

One can never go wrong with a snack that tastes and feels good. There is a way to enjoy a scrumptious snack without feeling terrible about pumping the body with carb-heavy nibbles, greasy chips or sugary junk food. Chick N’ Skin is an excellent protein-packed snack alternative that does not fail to deliver unforgettable mouthwatering flavors. This food concept is ingenious and environmentally conscious — a wonderful and tasty way to look after the environment and, at the same time, enjoy great food.

“At Chick N’ Skin, we pride ourselves in making the best fried chicken skins in bold ethnic flavors. We have shifted our approach as just an event food to better-for-you foods by eliminating gluten and soybean oil with our base chicken skins,” stated a representative from Chick N’ Skin. “Although we are not 100 percent keto, we are low in carbohydrates for those seeking an alternative to starchy and carb heavy snacks. Our mission is to help reduce waste in chicken processing while offering a delicious snack.”

Chick N’ Skin is seasoned and deep-fried processed skin of chicken this process is similar in ways to pork rinds and chicharrones. However, since it is made from chicken, this products are lighter and thinner than pork rinds.

Chick N’ Skin is the first to market as a fried chicken skin stand, and it is now starting to sell prepackaged fried chicken skin products and market them as portable snacks to both homebodies and people on the go. Already familiar with events and pop-ups, the brand will launch in nationwide major retails in 2021.

The different bold, ethnic flavors to choose fro are Chili Lime, Salt & Pepper and Buffalo Wing. Consumers will soon enjoy the brand’s upcoming flavors — Jamaican Jerk, Cheddar Cheese and Cluckin’ Hot. As Chick N’ Skin continues to grow as a brand, the team behind it aims to release more of the flavors in development.

A five-star review from Amazon stated, “This is the fourth order I’ve placed through this seller. Every time, the box is carefully packed for minimal breakage, the bags are undamaged, and the skins are perfectly salted and crisp. Well worth the money.”

Chick N’ Skin is passionate about educating and connecting people with the most popular chicken dishes around the world through the flavors of its chicken skin products. These appetizing snacks are great to take on hikes and travels. They are also perfect for sharing on game day or movie night. More information can be found at

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Chick N’ Skin is a food brand based out of Los Angeles, California.

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