Canada MedLaser Thornhill Launches September Special for Clients

September 16 19:28 2020

Canada MedLaser Thornhill has launched a special offer for its clients in September – no tax on its treatments.

The exclusive laser clinic in Thornhill offers a wide range of different treatments and procedures – from laser hair removal to CoolSculpting. It has also announced a range of specials offers, including 20% off CoolSculpting, introductory offers for new clients on Aquarpure Facials and chemical peels, and buy one get one free specials on laser hair removal. 

Dermal fillers are one of the many treatments that Canada MedLaser Thornhill offers its clients. Dermal fillers help to plump skin to soften lines or wrinkles, which gives men and women a more youthful appearance and allows them to age more gracefully.

Dermal fillers are also used to plump lips, correct contour deformities, decrease shadows on the lower eye lids and improve the appearance of scars.

A spokesman for Canada MedLaser Thornhill, said: “Dermal fillers are one of our most popular treatments and we are delighted to be able to offer them and all of our treatments tax free to all of our clients throughout September.

“Our team are highly qualified and professional and everyone who comes to us will be accurately assessed for the treatment they request. Those people who are appropriate for dermal fillers are those who don’t smoke, who are in good health, people who have reasonable expectations about the results and people who are committed to looking after their skin in the longer term.

“We use the best fillers on the market and can offer Juvederm, Revanesse and Stylage to our clients. We usually use different fillers for different procedures or depending upon what the client is looking for. For example, Juvederm offers quick results with very little downtime. Revanesse has been developed using the latest dermal filler technology and offers high quality, safe and long-lasting results. It is also the one that contains the most hyaluronic acid, which is an amazing anti-ageing ingredient. The Stylage filler is designed to be used in each individual dermal layer. It gives the client the viscosity and elasticity they would expect in their skin.

“Lip filling treatments are very popular. Our experts work closely with clients to create a really natural looking result. Durability is key with lips as they are a key component in eating, drinking and talking – things we do very often every day, so the filler used in lips does tend to breakdown quicker than other parts of the body. Lips fillers will last anything from six to 18 months. It is important to remember everyone’s bodies are very different, so there will be different outcomes for different people and different procedures will take differently in different people,” he added.

About Canada MedLaser Thornhill

Canada MedLaser Thornhill is a cosmetic treatment offering a wide range of procedures for health, to help reform physical defects or for aesthetic anti-ageing purposes. It has a team of highly qualified and professional doctors, technicians and nurses who work close with patients to help them get the outcomes they are expecting.

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