In2town Talks To GoMontana About Their Shopping Assistant Website-Interview

March 11 17:39 2020

A new shopping assistant website has been launched to help consumers find products quickly at the best possible prices. Since being launched, it has become a vital shopping tool for those living and working in the USA. More than 230 million shopped online in 2019. However, more than fifty percent of those people felt they could have bought a better product at a better price. GoMontana, wants to change that figure by providing a personal shopping assistant service where people can see the best products available at the best prices.

GoMontana has become one of the most reviewed new shopping assistant websites with customers calling it one of the best shopping assistant websites around. It has been featured on news sites all over the USA so we decided to test the site out. We have to say, we were very impressed with GoMontana and how easy it was to use and how quickly we found quality products at the best prices. It is no wonder why it is quickly becoming one of the most written about shopping assistant sites in the USA.

We decided to talk to GoMontana and find out why their shopping assistant website has become so popular in such a short space of time.

1. You have launched a new shopping assistant website, what is so different to your platform than all the others that are available?

Most of the shopping assistant websites mostly focus on providing deals or best pricing but hardly give any focus on selecting best products for their need. So, people tend to search in Google to land on small affiliate websites which give poor quality recommendations. There are companies such as Wirecutter or Consumer Reports which provide quality editorial reviews but they lack the personalisation users need these days. We want to build a platform which can give personalised recommendations of products apart from best deals. GoMontana uses both community and editorial inputs in conjunction with data analysis about products to give our users superior experience. The current version of the website is only our beta version and you would see our full version of GoMontana by end of May 2020.

2. Can you tell me how your site helps people?

Most of the bigger sites only focus on lucrative industries leaving the long tail products to smaller websites. We think this approach is short sighted and there is a huge opportunity to be captured by becoming a one stop assistant for all of the users who need to make a buying decision. So, we build our product to provide personalized recommendations and deals which is a win-win both for consumers and businesses.

3. One of the biggest complaints about money saving sites is when you click on them the coupon is out of date, how do you intend to tackle that problem?

We have built an automated system that checks every week if the coupon is currently active. We also use community and merchants feedback to keep the system up to date.

4. Another serious complaint is that a lot of money saving sites don’t really provide any discounts and they just want people to click through their site to earn commission on sales, what are your thoughts about those sites?

Most of the time, these coupons are fake and webmasters are trying to capture affiliate commission by making users click on those coupons. We forgo the short-term profit motive and try to provide long term value by letting them know the actual availability of deals.

5. Your shopping assistant site has quickly gained a lot of trust for being a real money saving site, why do you think that is?

We are partnering with reputed merchants and social media influencers to bring awareness about the vision of shopping assistants.

6. How often do you update your money saving codes?

It gets updated every week automatically apart from manual updates which happen based on user’s and merchant’s feedback.

7. Why do you believe coupon sites have become so popular?

It is mostly due to fear of paying a higher price than others. Also, with extreme couponing reportedly widely in MSM, new users are trying their best to take advantage of coupons.

230 million people in the USA shopped online in 2019, can you see that figure rising in 2020?

Yes. I think both merchants and users are looking for personalised coupons and deals, which helps merchants to get an incremental customer and at the same time saves money for consumers. With increased penetration of AI and advanced data analytics tools, the goal of customization should come true.

9. Just over 12% of all retail sales took place online in 2019, can you see a time when that figure reaches 40%?

It may take 3-5 to reach that mark unless we see some legislation which works against companies such as Amazon.

10. As mentioned, 12% of retails sales happen online, so why do you think there are still millions of small retailers that don’t have a website or sell online?

I think we are still 3-4 years to reach the sweet spot of breakthrough growth in online sales. Though, Amazon FBA and Shopify made e-commerce easier than it was 5 years back, we are yet to see wider adoption among merchants. Payment processors are yet another bottleneck which is yet to be fully sorted though companies such as Square are working on this issue.

11. What challenges have you faced with the development of your shopping assistant site?

We need to work both with merchants and users to build a successful value proposition. So, it is a kind of catch 22 situation at the beginning. So, in the initial days, we are focusing on deals to bring a critical base of users before we develop an end to end shopping assistant website.

12. Only 126.8 million U.S. adults have used a digital coupon when shopping online, why do you think that figure is so low?

I would not call this figure low given the lack of availability of custom coupons though I see wide adoption in near future.

13. What are your future plans with your shopping assistant site?

We plan to develop a AI chatbot in near future which can make buying decisions easier for an average buyer.

14. Lastly, why should people use GoMontana?

Right now, we have tied up with many online merchants which provide exclusive deals only to our members. It should be a good reason to sign up now. If you believe in our vision of building one stop shopping assistant, then it is also another reason to become our subscriber now.

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