Slominski Law Offers Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Attorney Services to Roanoke Residents

December 12 16:12 2019
Slominski Law Offers Workers Compensation & Personal Injury Attorney Services to Roanoke Residents
Slominski Law is a Roanoke, VA law firm that provides personal injury and workers compensation claim representation. This experienced and dedicated law firm works closely with their clients from the beginning to the end of the case in order to provide accident victims with the compensation that they deserve from the hardship they have endured.

Roanoke, VA – Whether an individual has been injured in a workplace accident, car accident, or been involved in another type of personal injury situation, those involved have their lives flipped upside down quickly. Between potential damages, lost wages, and medical bills, the cost due to an accident that was not the victim’s fault can become incredibly costly and stressful. For those involved in an accident that was due to the negligence of another party, they deserve legal representation that can aid them to obtain the compensation that they deserve. Whether it’s a workplace accident or an auto accident, the team from Slominski Law is able to provide representation while guiding their client through the paperwork, entire legal process, and even litigation if necessary.

The key in any personal injury case is to establish negligence by the at fault party. In order to prove negligence, there are several things that personal injury attorneys try to prove. The first is “duty of care” which is the obligation to act with reasonable care around others. The second element is “failure to exercise care” which is proof that an individual failed to exercise their duty of care. After proving duty of care and failure to exercise care, the personal injury attorney must prove that the party’s failure to exercise care was the direct cause of the injuries. The final element is the ability to prove and provide all of the losses that the victim incurred due to the accident, such as hospital bills and missed work.

While an individual who has been injured at the fault of a negligent party may feel they can handle their case without representation, it is often not the best option. The various elements needed to prove negligence and negotiate a full and fair settlement with the insurance companies demonstrate the need for an experienced personal injury lawyer. Slominski Law is one experienced personal injury attorney Roanoke VA has to offer and has the ability to determine the maximum compensation that their client can receive, guide the client through their legal options, assist in gathering any and all evidence, and assert the case against insurance companies. For Roanoke residents searching for an “attorney near me”, Slominski Law of Roanoke works with their clients closely throughout their entire case and offers their services on a contingency free basis.

Slominski Law’s Roanoke office is located at 22 Luck Ave SW, Roanoke, VA, 24011 and can be contacted via phone at 540-554-3762. For information regarding personal injury and workers compensation case representation visit their website.

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