Many Homeowners Seeking To Attract Birds and Butterflies to their Yards With Strategic Landscaping

October 04 20:30 2019
Many Homeowners Seeking To Attract Birds and Butterflies to their Yards With Strategic Landscaping

Today’s homeowners tend to be more conscious of the environment and how their actions impact the world around them. Many homeowners are now looking into ways to attract more birds and butterflies to their homes, offering the things these creatures need to survive. Landscapers can help homeowners with this by making sure they know what to place in a home’s yard to help ensure the birds and butterflies will visit.

Why Attract Birds and Butterflies?

Birds and butterflies can be entertaining to watch, but that’s not the only reason to try to attract them to a yard. Homeowners can offer food, water, and shelter to these creatures, making it easier for them to thrive. Birds, butterflies, and other creatures that might be attracted to the plants in the yard can help pollinate the plants in the area, help control the pests in the yard naturally, and help with scattering seeds to promote more growth. Landscapers like those who work with can help homeowners choose the right design elements to attract more birds and bees so the homeowners can see these benefits in their own yard.

What Flowers Can Help Attract Them?

Birds and butterflies are attracted to yards that have a variety of different plants, especially flowers, to choose from. Homeowners and contractors with FIRESKY FRANCHISING might want to choose nectar-rich flowers that will do more to attract both birds and butterflies. Flowers that are nectar-rich include verbena, cleome, zinnias, and cosmos. Butterflies are attracted to the butterfly bush and birds like hummingbirds are attracted to plants like geraniums or impatiens.

What Else Can Help Attract Birds and Butterflies?

Birds and butterflies tend to be more attracted to yards that offer more than just plants to get nectar from. Homeowners can add other design elements to supply birds and butterflies with freshwater as well as a home to live in. Try adding bird feeders, a birdbath or a fountain. To provide shelter for birds, try adding a few shrubs that birds might like to live in or small fruit-bearing trees.

How to Help Homeowners With Their Yards

Landscapers who want to help more homeowners create their dream yard and attract more birds and butterflies may want to start working with a franchise. This allows them to be connected with a company that already has a large customer base, marketing, and more. With a franchise opportunity like those available at, the landscaper can boost their business and reach out to more homeowners who may be looking for a way to attract more butterflies, birds, and other creatures, allowing the landscaper to boost their positive impact on the local environment.

Butterflies, birds, and other creatures can add a lot to the yard and the local environment, so many homeowners today are looking for more ways to attract them to the yard. Landscapers can help by adding in the right plants, providing tips to homeowners for what else can help attract more creatures, and working on keeping everything in great shape so the birds and butterflies will enjoy being in the yard. Use the tips here to start designing more yards that are butterfly and bird-friendly.

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