CableGlandsOnline Announces to Supply High Quality PG Cable Gland Online at Competitive Prices

August 22 17:45 2019
A wide range of cable glands and cable ties is now available online for customers from around the world to purchase at affordable prices.

For all types of plastic and metal PG type cable glands at reasonable prices, customers can now rely on the online store. The online store has cable glands in the range from PG7 to PG63.  These are high quality cable glands that meet IP68 specifications. Moreover, these cable glands are liquid tight and have a good resistance against mild acids and alkalis. Customers can choose from a full size of cable glands as per their requirement, and these cable glands are easy and quick to install.

CableGlandsOnline Announces to Supply High Quality PG Cable Gland Online at Competitive Prices

Customers can check the complete PG Cable Gland selection online on the web store of CableGlandsOnline. They have plastic cable glands, nylon cable glands, stainless steel cable glands, brass cable glands, and other varieties. They have cable glands to meet the requirements of pg, npt, metric or other applications. The company has a large production facility to manufacture a large volume of cable glands, and thus is able to maintain affordable prices. According to the company spokesperson, they maintain a large portfolio of cable glands with different specifications. These cable glands are most available in black and white colors, and other colors can also be possible on demand. The cable glands can be available with PG7 to PG63 threads.

The company has a variety of plastic cable glands, and PG13.5 Cable Gland is a popular product in their stock. With a thread length of 10mm, this product is currently selling at a reduced price. With the IP68 protection level, this cable gland is completely waterproof.  The product is also UL approved and RoHS compliant. The cable gland is ISO9001:2015 certified and is suitable to operate on a large temperature range from -40oC to +100oC.  They pack 50 pieces of the product in a PE bag, and the bag is covered in a carton. This way they ensure a safe delivery of their products to all around the globe.

Another important item in their stock is the PG21 Cable Gland. This cable gland comes with a thread length of 12mm. Made from nylon material, this product is completely waterproof. With an excellent strain relief, this product is also ISO9001:2015 certified, UL approved and compliant with the RoHS standards. The online store maintains a quick order processing system, and all orders are shipped within 24 hours of placing the order. They use the fastest possible postal service to deliver ordered products at the customer’s location without any delay. CableGlandsOnline also has a return policy in place and an unopened purchased product can be returned within 45 days of purchase. In case of a return, all freight charges will be borne by the buyer only.

One can check the entire collection of PG cable glands and their prices by visiting the website 

About CableGlandsOnline is a leading manufacturer of cable glands located in Dongguan City, China. offers a wide selection of cable glands and cable ties that fit every customer’s needs. All cable glands of the company meet IP68 specifications as liquid tight and are resistant to low level acids and alkalis. These cable glands are also designed for easy installation.

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