Is Enough for Parents to Protect Their Children from Cyber Bullying?

August 22 16:51 2019 is a tool designed for parents and educators to keep their children safe from cyberbullying. The motive behind the creation of this tool is to make the internet safer for children and eventually, people of all ages. However, a lot of organizations are already working for the same cause. What is it that makes different? Or a better question should be, “Is enough for parents to protect their children from cyberbullying?” Let’s find out why this tool is the best option available for parents today.

The Best Features That Put an End to Revenge Porn

Easily Accessible

You will be using as a web application. What it means is that you can open it on any device of your choice and regardless of where you are. Uploading is as easy as selecting the upload option, picking the picture, and uploading. You do not have to worry about the maintenance and patching of the software because the company has it installed on its servers. You use it online through your browser without any worries of compatibility issues.

AI Powered Searching and Matching

AI is the future of the world. It continues to get better and more reliable with more data. As you will find in this review, it works with carefully created algorithms to not only detect the photo you upload but also match it with millions of other photos available only. Within a blink of an eye, the software browses through millions of photos and gives you the result if there are any possible matches. You can’t say that the results are 100% reliable, but usually the issue is with the picture you upload. Upload a plain, untouched, unfiltered, and bright picture of your child taken from a straight angle. If you take care of those things, the results will be very reliable.

Automatic Case Generation

So, you upload the photo and it matches with some online records. What do you do now? You don’t have to worry about anything at this point. The application automatically generates a case that you can take to the authorized lawyers and investigators. These people have access to the desktop version of the software where they can see a detailed report of the search, the possible matches, and other useful information. To keep it legal and organized, parents cannot access the detailed report. What they see on their screens is only a basic report.

Trustable Security

Of course, you understand that this is one of the most sensitive cases that you or anyone can deal with in their lives. It, too, can worry you when you upload the pictures of your child on the application. You will be pleased to know that the creators of were aware of the threats their system would face at the time of creating it. For that reason, they have created a hacker proof system. You can rest assured that the pictures you have uploaded of your child will always be safe. Not to mention, the application lets only the authorized personnel from law enforcement departments and law firms access the detailed reports.

It is not possible for someone to randomly upload our child’s picture and see a detailed report of all the possible matches. Surely, that will kill the very purpose of the app.  

Bottom Line

Now, the question should not be whether is enough or not. Instead, the more important question is what other alternative do you have available? There is no other tool that’s working as diligently and systematically on non-consensual picture sharing issue as is. The tool will serve its purpose even if it helps just one parent protect their child from cyber bullying and its consequences.

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