Safe Haven Health Is Increasing Access To Mental Healthcare Across Eight US States

January 20 00:47 2023
Safe Haven Health provides crucial mental healthcare in a virtual capacity to increase the accessibility to as many people as possible. From addiction treatment to treatment of depressive disorders, Safe Haven Health has its patients’ backs.

Mental healthcare is an area that is often overlooked, with far less importance placed on it than physical healthcare. Mental healthcare is just as important, whether one is dealing with something like depression and anxiety or trying to get through an addiction.  

Safe Haven Health is a virtual mental healthcare provider that provides these crucial services for patients across eight different US States.  

Safe Haven Health’s origins and treatment offerings 

Giovanni Pierre founded Safe Haven Health and is the medical provider. As a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, Giovanni began focusing on mental health at the beginning of his career. He pursued extensive knowledge on treating and aiding mental health issues to find the best ways to help patients recover and feel like themselves again.  

With experience in a wide range of mental health disorders, Giovanni aims to work with each patient to formulate the best approach for their individual treatment. He believes that every person truly knows themselves the best, and treatment needs their input and decisions to work.  

Giovanni and Safe Haven Health’s number one goal is for their patients to feel better. Serving Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee, Vermont, Colorado, Delaware, and Maryland, their services are provided completely virtually to make it easy for patients to prioritize themselves.  

First and foremost, Safe Haven Health provides virtual healthcare appointments. These appointments aid in beginning a diagnosis and getting a treatment plan started. It’s often the first step that is the hardest to take, and at Safe Haven Health, it’s just a video call away.  

Substance abuse is a growing issue, and Safe Haven Health works hard with its patients to provide proven treatment for addiction. This debilitating issue is something the team takes very seriously as they work to help patients get their lives back.  

Ketamine treatment has shown great strides in treating many mental health issues, and Safe Haven Health is helping provide this to its patients. Considered a medication of the future, ketamine is proven to safely and quickly treat a variety of mental health disorders.  

In addition to ketamine, Safe Haven Health can prescribe the medication needed for their patients to easily pick up at their local pharmacy. Refills and original prescriptions can all be done through Safe Haven Health to keep patients on the right track.  

Finally, Safe Haven Health provides ADHD diagnostics for anyone aged six and up. Utilizing FDA-approved devices, they are able to accurately and safely diagnose this mental health disorder.  


Regardless of the mental health issue one is struggling with, Safe Haven Health has options and a treatment plan. The team is passionate about making their patients feel comfortable and taken care of as they work together towards a better future.  

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