ZTE Security Governance Contributes to ZTE’s High-Quality Growth in 2022

January 11 14:09 2023

ZTE Corporation, a world-leading international provider of cutting-edge communication technology solutions and products, recently published its 2022 third-quarter financial results, showing that it has continuously solidified its position with its innovative initiatives. ZTE has achieved quality growth, which also benefits from ZTE’s trustworthy products with high-security standards.

ZTE 9-month profit: realizing high-quality growth with an effective security governance

ZTE has posted its 2022 third-quarter financial results. According to the reports, ZTE earned operational revenue of RMB 92.56 billion for the nine months that ended September 30, 2022, an increase of 10.4% over the same time the previous year.

Despite the obstacles of the complicated external environment, ZTE strived for steady development in the first three quarters by engaging with industry partners and practising its own position – a driver of the digital economy.

During the period, ZTE Corporation, while cementing its position with innovative products, also has been consistently improving ZTE security governance in order to confront the new challenges from 5G network commercialization.

In cybersecurity, ZTE Corporation is committed to ongoing security advancement by increasing the security assessments’ frequency, strengthening security process control and management, and strengthening professional security personnel as well as the security certification professional team.

In the meantime, taking advantage of its cybersecurity laboratories around the world, ZTE has worked in collaboration with industry partners, associates, and universities in various fields like evaluation and certification. Besides, ZTE also has maintained close communication with the industry regulators and performed independent security certification and evaluation on its leading 5G solutions and products with third-party independent assessment organizations.

For instance, in August, ZTE passed the industry-first GSMA NESAS 2.1 audit for product lifecycle processes and network equipment vendor development with its 5G NR and 5GC products. That demonstrates that ZTE stays up with the most current industry requirements and continually improves its product security capabilities to guarantee the cybersecurity of its clients.

Besides, ZTE received an outstanding achievement for its 5G Flexhaul products in the BSIMM12 assessment in January 2022.

To ensure product security, ZTE employs automatic security hardening, regression testing, and quantitative scenario evaluation in the O&M stage in the current networks. It has consistently participated in the assessment as a member of the first echelon for many years. And its significant accomplishments marked a transition in product security from outstanding to industry-leading.

ZTE performs regression testing, automatic security hardening, and quantitative scenario evaluation during the O&M phase in the current networks to continuously assure product security. ZTE has participated in the BSIMM assessment as one of the first echelon members for many years.

In addition to the external security verification, ZTE also has made consistent efforts to improve its internal security governance, which is in line with its cybersecurity vision – “Security in DNA, Trust through Transparency”. The cybersecurity vision has been written in ZTE cybersecurity white paper.

ZTE strengths its 5G security and builds the effective security governance

According to ZTE cybersecurity white paper, ZTE Corporation has comprehensively adopted industry practices and standards into its product life cycle as well as implemented effective cybersecurity governance.

As essential infrastructures for a region, worldwide operators and users highly value telecommunications equipment and systems. Nowadays, 5G networks are deployed on a large scale to pave roads for remote surgery, intelligent cities, large-scale IoT connectivity, and autonomous vehicles.

Despite the fact that the new features of 5G technologies have introduced new security concerns and challenges, 5G security has been reinforced to unprecedented levels. From the compliance and formulation of industry standards, disclosure, and coordinated vulnerability response, to manufacturers’ overall security measures, the whole industry is working together to improve cybersecurity.

ZTE prioritizes cybersecurity in its product development and delivery, and has put in place a robust security governance system to raise security awareness and culture, as well as to improve the cybersecurity of its entire supply chain continuously.

ZTE strives to create secure products by incorporating security throughout the entire business process. ZTE prioritizes supplier credibility, and security of components, materials, and manufacturing, as well as guarantees, supply resilience and continuity. It adopts the security standards by design principle in the R&D process, ensuring a secure and controllable product development process during the continuously improved process. In the field of engineering service, ZTE continues to follow standardized operations, in order to ensure the secure delivery of services and products.

ZTE has committed to providing its clients and customers with secure and trustworthy services and products, ensuring the high security of the communications network equipment, to achieve the industrial digital transformation. Moreover, ZTE has realized that cybersecurity is an important part that can help to win clients’ trust and boost its high-quality growth.

In the years ahead, ZTE security will be continuously strengthened, making global users can enjoy a digital life with secure network connections. 

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