ASB Financial Commits to Helping Clients Establish a Lasting Legacy Through Premier Retirement Planning Solutions

August 06 07:07 2022
ASB Financial is an American company offering support regarding Estate and Retirement planning, Investment planning, Legacy planning, Life insurance, wills & trust help, tax help, Medicare and post-hospital care.

As Regional Director of ASB Financial, Jeffrey Allen Renaker, CLU, ChFC has helped change the lives of innumerable clients for almost 40 years by leveraging his experience to create practical, tailored solutions for thousands of pre-retirees and retirees. 

Retirement is an inevitable step in the life of most people, and it is supposed to be a time of well-deserved rest, happiness, and prosperity. ASB Financial, one of the leading Insurance and retirement planning companies, is dedicated to ensuring this is a reality for all of its clients.  

Jeff initially started in the insurance industry in 1984 in his hometown of Ocala, Florida. From the get-go, Jeffrey won the New Agent of the Year Award. In 1996, he was graced with the National Agent of the Year Award for a nationally known company in recognition of his skills and quality of service. 

In 1999, Jeff founded his estate and retirement planning firm in The Villages, Florida. After years of successful operation, and a personal tragedy in his life, Jeff retired for the first time in 2010 and moved to Costa Rica. It was there as a widower; Jeff was introduced by a mutual friend to Vanessa and they have a beautiful daughter. In fact, Jeff has five wonderful children and 7 soon to be 8 awesome grandchildren! 

Jeff never lost his love for the Financial Services industry and seven years later he was called to step out of retirement and run the Life Division for American Senior Benefits in the Home Office. Mr. Renaker assumed the position and worked there until May of 2020 before returning to the career that he thoroughly enjoyed, helping retirees to achieve financial independence, and influencing agents to successful careers. 

ASB Financial is on a mission to deliver superior quality of service, improve the lives of its clients, and seek the best that the market has to offer in terms of personnel and collaboration partners for its dreams to come true. ASB Financial’s spokesperson imparted that the company’s primary goal is: 

“To leave our clients’ home better off than when we got there. In order to achieve this and to successfully pursue our mission, we choose to work with highly trained, professional, and ethical associates and companies,” said ASB Financial’s spokesperson. 

Whether it is short or long-term investments, ASB Financial’s professionals are dedicated to finding the best possible solution for its clients; the company’s spokesperson imparted that extended retirements are commonplace and that many people are rightfully afraid that they may be losing an opportunity to make the most out of their legacies, stating:

“Back in the 1980s, the average retirement lasted about 10 years. Today, however, many retirements are going 15 to 30 years. This means your money needs to last a lot longer, resulting in a new worry: the fear of outliving your money”.

ASB Financial’s experts impart that while the stock market investments offer the highest profits and growth, they do so at very high risk. CDs (certificates of deposits), on another hand, are virtually risk-free but they usually offer very low returns and are more suited for wealth preservation than wealth accumulation. 

The company has devised a fool-proof method of bringing the best of both worlds through fixed-indexed products, which present growth-based stock market returns without pulling the usual risks to burden pre-retirees and retired persons. 

More information about ASB Financial is available on the company’s official website

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