XRPL.to Won Ripple’s XRPL Grant To Make XRPL Discoverable With Its Cutting-Edge On-Chain Data Insight

August 03 04:31 2022

XRPL.to make significant strides towards their goal of creating an easy-to-use open-source portal that empowers XRPL users by providing them with unbiased, high-quality, and accurate information.

XPRL.to an easy-to-use free web app that provides real-time data on all pairs and tokens available from XRPL DEX, has won a $100,000 development support grant as part of RippleX’s XRPL Grants program. The grant will further expand the platform to provide real-time data insights of all tokens on the XRPL DEX.

XRPL.to brings transparency to the world of cryptocurrencies and the XRPL ecosystem. It is an on-chain web application that allows getting a detailed insight of every token listed on the XRPL DEX, including balances, trading pairs, and volumes, and follows the trade history of any token.

The platform was designed to be used and trusted by all XRPL holders, developers, and interested parties, to gauge the value of a digital asset or business through public metrics, free of vested interest. With unmatched access to high-quality data and real-time price changes, XRPL.to provides detailed open information on all aspects of currencies, XRPL coins, and XRPL tokens.

The XRPL.to team has created a valuable API tool for developers, institutions, and enterprise clients to build using trusted data coming directly from XRPL nodes. With the funding from the XRPL Grant and Ripple, the team can continue the expansion of their robust platform for all assets traded on the XRPL. In addition, the grant will be used for designing a state-of-the-art system for reporting on trust lines and transactions, making it easier for informed decisions regarding token purchases and which tokens to invest in.

When asked about the great win, the founder said, “We are incredibly honored and grateful to receive a grant from Ripple to improve our project further. This grant will be used to improve XRPL.to and allow us to provide valuable services for the XRPL ecosystem, with a focus on data transparency and open-source research tools. Our goal is to provide simple tools, clean data, and unbiased rankings so that anyone can understand how markets move. In addition, we have some exciting new features in development that will allow users to track price correlations between different markets!”

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