Motherhood Foundations Effectively Help Moms Fight The Challenges Of Motherhood

August 02 05:27 2022
The Motherhood Foundations is an online course provider that equips new moms with the tools they need to thrive and enjoy motherhood while shattering the stigma surrounding it.

The Motherhood Foundations is an online course provider that equips new moms with the tools they need to thrive and enjoy motherhood while shattering the myths about motherhood. The courses are designed to help moms connect with their babies and toddlers, get more sleep, eat well, manage stress, and set realistic goals for themselves. The Motherhood Foundations also provides a supportive community for moms to connect.

Motherhood Foundations was created by Christine Champagne, who suffered from postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety while also feeling overwhelmed with all the contradicting information she found on social media. Christine realized that very few resources were available for mothers trying to manage everything and decided to create a business that would provide support and resources for mothers. 

The Motherhood Foundations provides online courses on a variety of topics related to motherhood, including time management, self-care, and postpartum depression and anxiety. The business also offers a safe space for moms who can connect and receive support. Christine offers a 1-hour breakthrough session where she gives moms clarity on their family goals and helps them create a 1-year roadmap based on their vision and values. She also creates and hosts virtual summits where she gathers trustworthy professionals to educate new parents on pregnancy, childbirth, childhood, and motherhood.

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Christine Champagne, founder of Motherhood Foundations stated, “I am a mom. I had postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety while being completely in denial. PPD and PPA are such a taboo topic and yet they can happen to anyone. That is the Motherhood Foundations evolved into what it is today. When I was pregnant, I originally just wanted to share my passion for spreadsheets and planners by creating courses that teach time and money management. But when I created and hosted my first motherhood summit as a way to get my brain active and feel productive again after months of battling PPD and PPA, I realized I needed to expand the topics to value-based subjects so moms can find a renewed sense of self.

Moms are only first times moms once. I believe that every mother deserves a great start in motherhood. I want to give them a chance to set the stage for many amazing years to come.

Motherhood isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but it shouldn’t be a miserable experience. That first time is a huge learning curve no matter how well you prepare for it because there are so many unknowns. But I believe that any new mom can start equipping herself with the right tools before the chaos begins so that she knows how to react to certain situations, shortcut difficult tasks and take care of her basic needs.

I started Motherhood Foundations to reduce the overwhelm and mom guilt that stem from “not being perfect.” I hope that by providing first time moms with information and resources, they will feel less stressed and more equipped to handle the challenges of motherhood. I believe that every mom deserves to feel supported and confident in her ability to raise her child. With Motherhood Foundations, I hope to make this a reality for as many moms as possible.”

If anyone feels overwhelmed by motherhood’s many challenges, they are surely not alone. Fortunately, help is available in the form of Motherhood Foundations practical courses. These courses cover a variety of topics, such as financial principles, time management, creating harmony in the home, and more. Each course is designed to help moms meet the unique challenges of motherhood and create a life that works for them and their families. The Motherhood Foundations is an organization dedicated to showcasing motherhood through a realistic lens. 

The organization is meant for mothers frustrated with the unrealistic portrayals of motherhood they saw in the media. The Motherhood Foundations tries to show the behind-the-scenes, a.k.a a messy house, dirty hair, and a screaming baby. However, it also shows that a mom can still be together and care for herself while having a satisfying relationship with her children.

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The Motherhood Foundations is an online course provider that equips new moms with the tools they need to simplify motherhood and raising a child. The Motherhood Foundations offers a simplified view of motherhood and raising a child, which can be overwhelming for some moms.

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