United States offers a fast entry facility for Greek and Hungarian citizens via US Visa Online

June 30 17:45 2022

The United States Government implemented electronic travel authorization for many foreign countries in 2009. With this online Visa application facility, citizens of foreign countries can easily apply for American Visa Online. All the eligible countries who were the launch members of US Visa Online can enjoy fast entry to visit America.

All foreign citizens who plan to enter America must possess a valid Visa and passport. The ordinary paper Visa application takes more time, as the applicants will have to visit the US embassy to make the application. They have to spend more time, effort, and money to obtain a paper Visa from the embassy. To solve this problem, the US Government introduced the US Visa Application Online. It made the application process much easier when compared with the ordinary paper Visa application. The applicant can simply complete the application procedure by following a few steps. It will take only five minutes or less to do the entire Visa application and the individual can complete it from their home.

US Visa for Greek citizens

Since Greek was a launch member of the US Visa Online program, the citizens there can benefit from the fast entry facility. Greek citizens can apply US Visa Online for short tourist visits, business-related purposes, and transit visits. They can use this e-Visa to get to the United States via land, air, or sea based on their wish. www.us-visa-online.org is the best way to apply for US Visa Online, as the applicant will receive an e-Visa to their email within 24 to 48 hours. The website also provides the guides, requirements, eligibility, and all other necessary information needed for the application process. Applicants can also get certain security benefits such as 24/7 support and assistance, privacy protection, etc.

US Visa for Hungary citizens

Like Greek and other eligible countries Hungarian citizens can also enjoy fast entry using the US Visa Online program. US Visa Online allows Hungarian citizens to stay in the country continuously for 90 days on each visit. Currently, US Visa Online provides long-term Visa validity for two years. Hungarian citizens can make use of the multiple entry features, which allows them to enter the country frequently based on their needs. The multiple-entry feature is available only until the Visa validity ends, and an individual can also make short-term visits for one-day using this facility.

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