Discusses How Zero Trust Identity Works to Protect against Insider Threats

June 30 03:51 2022 Discusses How Zero Trust Identity Works to Protect against Insider Threats

Insider threats originate within an organization. Countless individuals believe these threats come from unhappy employees, but many other things contribute to these security breaches. For example, the company may fail to update its systems. Employees might lack the training needed to protect against a cyberattack or someone may act in a negligent manner and leave the company open to an attack. In fact, they are much more common than attacks led by disgruntled employees.

Many times, the internal data leak or breach is simply an accident. The employee opens a file to see what is inside, and this leaves the network vulnerable. It is a phishing attempt that leads to company data being compromised. A company must know how to protect against this type of threat, and this informative post has excellent information on how to do so. 

Mitigating Insider Threat

There are five steps used to mitigate insider threats. The threat must be defined before it can be detected and identified. Once identification has taken place, the company needs to assess the threat. The final step involves managing this threat. A company such as Saviynt Inc. can help with implementing these steps to keep the organization safe. 

Educate Employees

Education remains the key to minimizing insider threats. Experts estimate that 33 percent of insider attacks come because employees remain unaware of these threats. They download a file or open an email and give the cybercriminal access to the system. With training, employees know how to handle cybersecurity crises efficiently and minimize the damage. 

Conduct security training every quarter to reduce the risk of insider attacks. This training needs to cover a multitude of topics, including data destruction and social engineering. Employees serve as the first line of defense, so offer this training and test employees on what they learned. Send short quizzes between training to ensure they remember what they learn. In addition, consider using the lock screen to share critical information and keep it fresh in the minds of employees. Put a new tip on the lock screen each day so employees recognize the importance of the training and the information shared. 

Remove Old Accounts

According to, companies often fail to remove inactive accounts, and they provide the perfect opening for cybercriminals to engage in nefarious activities. Look for users who inherited permissions from a colleague they should not have or users with permissions for a project they have completed. These permissions should be removed. Every company needs to address user access hygiene issues regularly. Many companies now believe Zero-trust architecture may hold the answer to cybersecurity insider threats

Every business needs to minimize the risk of insider threats. However, many business owners don’t recognize the importance of this. Make zero-trust architecture a priority today to protect the organization from a disaster it cannot recover from. By implementing the steps mentioned above, the business owner finds they can keep their organization safe and save money in the process. Learn more today about insider threats, zero-trust architecture, and other measures every company can take to stay safe. 

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