Discusses Some of the Benefits of Turnstiles

June 30 03:33 2022 Discusses Some of the Benefits of Turnstiles

Turnstiles were first used to herd animals, and it wasn’t until the early 20th century that they were used in businesses to control the flow of customers. Today, more businesses are choosing to install turnstiles. What benefits come with these entryway features? 

Increased Security

Many venues and facilities today use turnstiles to increase security. The facility or venue manager can configure these devices to ensure that only authorized individuals enter restricted areas. The turnstiles remain locked until the individual presents the appropriate credentials.

Some turnstiles extend from the floor to the ceiling to provide additional security so they cannot be penetrated. Prisons, data centers, and more use these turnstiles in high-security or high-risk areas. In fact, security personnel can change access requirements at different times throughout the day. They may also lock the turnstiles when needed to restrict the flow of movement. For more information, hop over to this website

Data Collection

According to, quite a few individuals don’t realize a turnstile can be used to collect data. For example, the turnstile can count the number of individuals entering and exiting the facility or venue. It may also be used to determine which periods of the day are the busiest and when the slow times are. Furthermore, security personnel may use turnstile data to determine if anyone remains in the building after hours.

Business owners use this information to make informed business decisions. They can determine how long a person spends on an activity and find ways to streamline or determine when more staff members are needed to serve customers. To see how this works, check out Editorial: MetroLink finally gets moving on turnstiles. It’s common sense

Payment Collection

Turnstiles offered through a company such as Protogetic make it easy to collect payment from individuals entering a facility or venue. A person won’t need to be present, as the turnstile does the work. It may also be used to scan admission tickets to ensure nobody gets into the venue or facility until they have paid. The facility may set the turnstile to allow people to exit and reenter without paying a second time or move the flow of traffic in only one direction. This allows for increased efficiency. 

Crime Deterrent

Criminals look for easy targets. When they see a turnstile, they are more hesitant to engage in criminal activity, as they know they may become trapped. The business could lock the turnstile so they cannot escape before law enforcement arrives. They take this into consideration when deciding whether to continue with the criminal act or find another target. Often, they choose to find another target. 

One thing to consider when choosing turnstiles is their functionality during power outages or emergencies. A backup power source should be installed for situations such as these. Once this has been handled, the business owner may choose from multiple styles and options to ensure the turnstiles meet their needs. Consider all building codes when making this choice, so no problems arise with the purchase and installation of these items. 

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