New self-help book “With Your Spirit: 30 Years Preaching the Sunday Scripture” by Mick Mulvany is released, a story-driven guide to embracing the divine within and accepting God’s love

June 24 21:55 2022
New self-help book "With Your Spirit: 30 Years Preaching the Sunday Scripture" by Mick Mulvany is released, a story-driven guide to embracing the divine within and accepting God’s love

“With Your Spirit: 30 Years of Preaching the Sunday Scripture” by Mick Mulvany has been released worldwide. This 636-page book is filled with stories, anecdotes, scripture, and insight to help readers of all backgrounds find peace and acceptance in the light of God’s love. Inspired by decades as a Catholic priest and his parent’s approach of teaching through storytelling, Mulvany weaves personal experience, Biblical wisdom, and life lessons into a message of hope. He reminds readers that God’s love is all around us and already within us, that each individual already has the strength they need, and that the divine can be found in everyday life. This uplifting and inspiring book shows that holy gifts are all around us, and this truth can provide the patience and compassion we need to make the world a better place. 

With Your Spirit: 30 Years of Preaching the Sunday Scripture (ISBN: 9798985975901 / 9798985975918) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The paperback retails for $24.95 and the hardcover retails for $35.95. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram.

From the back cover:

Tour the collected wisdom of renowned priest Mick Mulvany as he examines life, love, family, and God’s Word throughout his thirty-plus-year career in the center of America’s heartland.

As an Irish Catholic with four brothers and four sisters, the author inspires us with wit and lore as we walk through the Sunday readings. The homilies in this collection draw people in through the inherited Irish tradition of Father Mick’s storytelling. Sharing stories of growing up in a family of modest means, he illuminates the scripture in a way that meaningfully speaks to what life is truly about and how we should be leading it.

Each homily interprets and applies the scriptures in a way that is creative and fresh but also faithful to the tradition of the Catholic Church. The call to conversion is sometimes delivered with a soft touch and other times with a clarion call to action. Whether it’s delivered with humor, sorrow, through a love of sports, or in the context of a dear loss, the purpose of it all is to enable the parishioner or reader to grow in faith and the desire to follow Jesus more gladly, and more generously.

Father Mick’s ability to speak the Word of God in an inviting way makes these homilies worthy reflections for any disciple. The stories of his family and his living bring to the heart a voice of the Holy Spirit. The compassion of God can be found in these words and will bring a wellspring of hope and peace to your soul. Enjoy the stories and be challenged by the Word of God.

About the author:

Growing up in an Irish Catholic family with eight siblings, I think it’s written somewhere that we had to produce one religious vocation. I know that my brothers were grateful that I “took one for the team,” I am not sure many others thought I would be the one ordained as a priest. I was not the holiest child. I acted up in church, constantly testing my parent’s patience, and according to my sisters, I could stir things up like a Midwest tornado just by walking into a room. 

When my mom told her friends she had a son going to seminary, they replied that they were so happy for (my perfect brother) Tim. When mom corrected them, most people smiled politely. I am sure they were thinking, “He’ll never make it.” I didn’t blame them; I think I felt the same way. So, no one saw this coming, least of all, me. However, God is a persistent friend in my life. One who never gives up on me, and one who kept telling me in the words and actions of others, “You’ll be fine, come follow me.”

After 30 plus years of ministry, doing work I love while still questioning my ability, I have come to understand that I most enjoy speaking to others about the Word of God. My Irish heritage serves me well as the Holy Spirit, and I embark on a weekly journey of preaching. These stories help heroes and villains alike find a home in the presence of God. I am probably not far removed from that kid who seemed to find trouble everywhere I turned, but I am sure that everyone, including the child inside of me, will hear the love that God has for all people in the words of these stories and the preaching in my book. 

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