Long Beach Tree Experts Removes a 300-Foot Tree Safely

June 21 21:28 2022

Long Beach, California – A company that has made a name for itself, Long Beach Tree Experts has recently helped a homeowner get rid of a dead 300-foot tree. The sequoia tree had been on Foster’s landscape for more than 200 years. However, last month, the tree died—after conducting his research, the homeowner could not determine the cause of death. Foster concluded that the death could have been a result of old age.

The family was not in a hurry to remove the tree,” said Foster. “No one wanted to erase the family’s history with the tree. It was not until a neighbor recounted how keeping a dead tree on his landscape had almost cost him his entire house. The neighbor noted that the tree had decayed from the inside and cracked in the middle of the night. Had it not been the healthy trees standing next to the tree and the emergency tree removal team, the homeowner would have spent more than $50,000 on repairs.”

Foster told reporters that the Sequoia tree was standing away from other trees. This means that there were no trees to support it if it cracked after decaying. The homeowner knew that the resulting damage would be significant, with the tree weighing at least several tons.

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After listening to the story given by the neighbor,” said Foster, “the family had to look for a team to help with the tree removal procedure. The family had used Long Beach Tree Experts before and enjoyed its services. Therefore, reaching out to the company sounded like a good idea.”

Foster appreciated that Long Beach Tree Experts was so responsive to his request. The company sent a professional to assess the tree and create a quotation for the tree removal procedure. The professional reportedly provided Foster with a very affordable quote.

The company charged the family a fee way below what the family had expected to pay,” said Foster. “The price was more than 30% cheaper. Seeing this made the family approve the project and request the company to initiate it on the same day.”

After receiving the project approval, the professional who had visited Foster’s landscape for a cost estimate reportedly used his phone to contact the company’s tree removal team in Long Beach. The team arrived on the landscape 30 minutes later with all the tools that would be needed to make the tree removal procedure safe.

The tree was standing next to the house,” said the chielf of field operations, “and about 20 feet from the overhead powerlines. For this reason, the team had to be extra creative when handling the tree removal procedure. The first thing that the team of tree-cutting professionals in Long Beach did was prune the tree, removing all branches from the tree crown. This procedure created an ideal opportunity for the team to cut the tree foot by foot.”

The chief of field operations noted that his company attached the tree to the crane before cutting any part of the tree. After cutting a foot from the tree trunk, the team brought it down slowly, controlling the falling path to ensure it did not land in the wrong place.

The family did not expect the entire tree removal procedure to be as fast as it turned out to be,” said Foster. “The family expected Long Beach Tree Experts to spend an entire day on the project. However, the team completed the project safely in less than 4 hours.”

Long Beach Tree Experts has its base of operation at 1461 W 14th St, Long Beach, CA 90813, United States. The company can, however, be contacted via +1 949-691-3726 and [email protected]

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