Encinitas Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Fix Growth Problems on Client’s Orange Trees

June 21 19:58 2022

Encinitas, California – A company that has always worked extra hard to ensure homeowners in Encinitas—and neighborhoods like Cardiff By The Sea, Leucadia, Mendocino, Northview, Olivenhain, Summerhill, and Village Park—are satisfied, Encinitas Tree Service Experts has recently helped a homeowner fix growth problems that were affecting his trees.

The fruit trees had been producing a good number of fruits for several years,” said Lionel while explaining the issues that forced him to work with Encinitas Tree Service Experts for the first time this year. “However, all of a sudden, the trees’ produce started reducing. What’s more, the fruit trees started developing problematic branches on their crowns. At first, the family ignored this problem. However, as time progressed, the normal produce halved and then reduced to 25%.”

Lionel noted that his family largely depends on the produce he gets from the 4-acre orchard to settle its bills. When the produce reduced, the homeowner was forced to start using his savings to settle the bills.

The goal was to grow the savings so that the family could purchase a truck that could take the fruits to the market instead of relying on middlemen who often take a significant chunk of the money,” said Lionel. “The wife suggested contacting an arborist to see what was happening with the trees. A neighbor suggested Encinitas Tree Service Experts and indicated that he had used the company for years and has never been disappointed.”

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On contacting Encinitas Tree Service Experts, the company sent an arborist to Lionel’s orchard on the same day. The arborist confirmed that all the problems the trees in the orchard were facing could be eliminated with a simple tree pruning procedure. Lionel noted that the arborist realized that the trees had suffered from a rare disease that had curled the branches. Tree pruning would eliminate the infected branches, keeping the disease from spreading throughout the fruit trees.

The cost of the tree pruning procedure was high at the time as the family was relying on savings,” said Lionel. “However, after talking to Encinitas Tree Service Experts, the CEO agreed to accept payment in installments. During the first tree pruning procedure, the family would pay 25%, another 25% in a month, and so on until the whole cost was settled in 4 months.”

Encinitas Tree Service Experts reportedly arrived on Lionel’s landscape about 4 months ago and used tree pruning to improve the orange trees. When reporters visited Lionel’s home, the trees were just starting to produce fruits.

The family finished paying the last installment one week ago,” said Lionel, “and from the look of how things have been going on the orchard, it is easy to say that the family did not waste its money.”

The fruit farmer told the reporters that while the farm may not be in a position where it is producing as many fruits as it did before the infection, this year he expects the fruit production to increase from last year’s 25% to more than 75%. He noted that this 50% increase will give him a profit of at least $10,000.

The family did not spend $10,000 on the tree pruning procedure,” said Lionel. “Encinitas Tree Service Experts charged $6,000 for the work. This means that the family already has a $4,000 profit from the work done by the team of tree cutting professionals in Encinitas.”

Encinitas Tree Service Experts operates from its offices located at 317 N El Camino Real Building 1, Encinitas, CA 92024, United States. The company can also be reached at +1 442-280-7460 and [email protected]

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