Apollo Temple opened – 100 community alliance, Leverage the global wealth

June 20 20:40 2022
Recently, Apollo DAO opened 100 community alliance and issued NFT

With the accelerating development of block chain in recent years, can be said to be alone in the whole financial market, from the early bitcoin to 2022 decentralized financial DEFI and hot DAO, NFT, GameFi, the universe, DeFi boom will DAO application scenarios to various fields, has spawned a variety of vertical segmentation formats, followed by a variety of DAO, DAO present also opened the web3.0 the era of diversified development.

Thus, Apollo DAO, a truly decentralized DAO organization and developed by the Apollo (Apollo) technology Laboratory in the Netherlands, emerged.

Apollo (Apollo) is the ancient Greek mythology of the god of light, the god of prophecy, also known as the sun god. In the early ancient Greece, around the 3rd century BC, Zeus and Leto son of Apollo, he and the goddess of the moon as twin sister altemis, widely known, in late ancient Greece, Apollo has sun god attribute, sun god during the day, and can be immune to flame damage, can sunlight in his hands and form physical weapons to defeat the enemy, protect the world, disaster for people, and human civilization, migration and navigator.

The Apollo (Apollo) Technology Laboratory, affiliated with the Netherlands Royal Apollo International Group, is committed to the Internet technology and blockchain technology development and services.

Composed of the industry’s top technical personnel, to build open innovation base, explore the new economic model as the goal, focus on technological innovation, evaluation certification, standard research, ecological collaborative construction ability, etc, and take talent inbound, inbound, project inbound three operation mode, provide multiple modular components, provide quality services for enterprises and institutions.

Lab to meet the needs of the chain of block chain technology commercial applications, in addition to realize the requirements of efficient stability, also joined the regulation, audit, archiving, and many other indispensable functions of real business applications, with flexible, easy to expand, simple access, developers can be based on the data to efficiently build their own block chain application.

A pollo newly combines the metacom with Dao, two emerging technological elements, enabling Web3 technology. A wonderful chemical reaction between the three produces a genesis explosion, creating a new metacom space with the people and the people.

A pollo DAO’s community strengths are reflected in its founders, builders, community operations, economists, lawyers, designers and investment professionals who have worked for years in web3 and Metacuniverse and NFT.

In the future, decentralized technology will become the backbone of venture capital funds, investment clubs, startups and other institutions. In a world where most people work for DAO, not for traditional companies, pay and value exchange are discussed in an open and transparent way, where no one has an unfair advantage over another person, and A pollo DAO is finding new ways to coordinate, motivate, cooperate, and new tools to enhance it all.

The A pollo DAO issues the equity NFT to determine the early major decision co-governance membership and meta-capital pool, and the decision co-governance members have the proposal rights, voting rights and meta-income rights. Projects approved through the proposal will receive the A pollo DAO investment, and the investment proceeds will be distributed to the NFT holders.All the addresses holding A pollo DAO equity NFT shall have the right to vote, and the addresses holding gold and silver and token shall not only have the right to vote, but also have the right to propose, but the proposer shall not vote on the proposed project.

After A pollo DAO develops to a certain scale, it will issue platform governance tokens, which will be airdropped to all early NFT holders of the platform in the form of air drops. Holding governance tokens will get the right to propose and voting rights, and continue to enjoy the right of yuan dividends.Users outside the platform (no NFT holders) who want to invest need to get platform tokens to obtain the investment qualification.Or NFT holders to transfer to obtain the identity, the platform aims to enable all humans cant the threshold into the have investment activities anytime and anywhere, to create an all-round decentralized investment platform.

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