Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates Dreams by Carol Oschmann Published by Author’s Tranquility Press

June 16 18:43 2022
Award-winning writer and trained dream researcher, Carol Oschmann, releases “Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates Dreams,” offering a look into prisoners’ dreams

Carol Oschmann is popularly known as a dream interpreter and lecturer and the writer has again explored the “dream world” but this time from the perspective of prisoners, as she releases Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates Dreams. The book, which is published by Author’s Tranquility Press, a popular marketing and publicity agency, is currently available on Amazon for readers across the globe.

The concept of “dreams” has been explored in several ways by different schools of thought. Over the years, thousands of dream researchers and interpreters have emerged across the globe to help people find meaning in their experiences or revelations while asleep. However, not too many efforts have been put into looking at dreams from the viewpoints of inmates. Consequently, Carol has taken her exploits a notch higher with the release of Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates Dreams.

Finding Spirit in Prison Inmates Dreams is distinct as it looks at the effect of dreams on people, exploring the uniqueness of prisoners’ dreams, the stress that can result from the harsh conditions of their lives as well as possible lessons that come as nightmares but hold lessons to improve their life. The book offers true stories from a prison dream group leader to educate readers about the ordeals of the incarcerated.

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About Carol Oschmann

Carol Oschmann is a dream interpreter and lecturer who has led dream groups weekly since 1986. She is also a fishing enthusiast, writing for Lakeland Boating Magazine and Great Lakes boater TV show as well as doing radio shows. Carol is an alumnus of the Haden Institute where she took a dream leadership course in 2006. She is also the author of several books, such as Prison Dreams and When God Stood Up.

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