StrideCharge Lets Cyclists Use And Charge Phones Wirelessly While Riding

June 15 22:06 2022
Designed For All Levels Of Bike Enthusiasts, Stationary Riders, Hikers, Campers, and Trekkers, the StrideCharge Phone Case and Mount Will Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

The cyclists behind this online store wanted the convenience of never having their phone battery die while they were away from an outlet.

So they created StrideCharge, a company that produces durable, shock-absorbing iPhone cases that allow cyclists to use their phones during rides while it charges Qwirelessly. Dubbed the Stride Charge Case, the product is a patent-pending technology that aims to improve existing wireless charging capabilities, especially for cyclists. As of writing, the store offers cases for more than a dozen iPhone models.

“We know how frustrating it is to have your phone die while using your favorite tracking app, or checking the trail map, or tuning in to your favorite song,” explained the StrideCharge team on its website. “That’s because we’ve been there and done that.”

Aside from the case, StrideCharge offers a bike mount designed to secure the case. “We made sure everything was high-quality and easy to install – no tools required. And we tested the products rigorously until we perfected them.” said the team at StrideCharge. The charging case is constructed from high-grade ABS and TPU selected for their durability and shock-absorbing qualities. The case is made with the capability to charge an iPhone’s battery from empty to full.

“It couldn’t be easier to use,” exclaimed a Los Angeles-based StrideCharge customer. “The case keeps my phone charged and protected on all my rides.”

A longtime cyclist had this to say about getting his Stride Charge Case and Bike Mount: “This case is the only product out there that does this. I do very long rides, and normally my phone runs out of battery before my body does, in which case I will have to stop at a convenience store to charge. With this product, it’s the other way around.”

“The future of wireless charging is here, and we think it’s pretty amazing,” said the StrideCharge team.

To place an order and to read more about StrideCharge products, customers can visit the store’s website at

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