Metaprise Allows Businesses To Pay Bills With Checks

June 14 21:53 2022
The online financial services company provides users with a comprehensive online commerce banking solution that allows them to seamlessly receive payments via multiple channels, and also pay their vendors via bank transfers or credit cards

June 14, 2022 – Metaprise is delighted to announce that businesses, freelancers, and all other individuals engaged in online commerce can now easily settle their bills with checks, using its online banking software.

The online financial services company revealed that through the use of its platform, businesses will be able to pay bills by bank transfer or credit cards, and have their vendors receive paper checks on their behalf.

According to Globe News Wire, the global digital payment market is expected to reach $12.55 trillion by 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.9% from 2021 to 2027.

Created to transform the way businesses receive funds and make payments online, the digital banking company presents its clients with a comprehensive online commerce banking solution, that allows them to seamlessly receive payments via multiple channels, including checks, money orders, cryptocurrency, credit/debit cards, etc.

When it comes to making vendor payments, businesses with Metaprise accounts can choose from a variety of payment delivery options, and also add bill details such as files, photos, etc.

Described as the best “pay & get paid” solution, the financial services provider brings smart AP and AR automation to let users easily add new payment capabilities to their businesses.

To use the pay by check feature on Metaprise, users simply need to log into their account and click on the “check” button from the dashboard. The next step, after selecting “check” from the “how do you want to pay” menu, is to select the particular vendor and enter the correct payment amount in the memo part.

Once the process is complete, a paper check will arrive via mail to the specified address in approximately seven business days. The company has assured clients that it is fully committed to ensuring their continued satisfaction with its platform. And promises to continue innovating its services to exceed customer expectations.

Anyone interested in learning more about Metaprise can visit its website or reach out directly to the company via the contact info below.

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