RingID Highlights 2022 Expansion and Development Plans

January 22 00:33 2022
by Mark Phillips

London – 21st January, 2022 – ringID continues its ambitious entry into the Social Commerce Industry by sharing this year’s aspiring goals and offering its users an all-in-one Social Network with the most reliable e-commerce experience. ringID wants to expand its service line in 2022  by introducing its own agent network & in-built wallet that will facilitate customers’ day-to-day financial transactional needs.  Furthermore, ringID plans to enter the Gulf Zone next year, joining previously announced plans to enter highly populated countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brazil.  

Montreal-based ringID was conceptualized to simplify people’s lives, creating a Community Social Network, where every single user has the opportunity to earn & gain financial benefit. ringID is an All-in-one experience social network including voice & video calls, chat & secret chat, newsfeed, news Portal, media channels, and multi-user interactive Live and social marketplace, along with an in-built wallet.

ringID is the world’s first Community Social Network that empowers millions by building the next-generation platform for Social Commerce—powered by fintech —while allowing consumers to access services conveniently, empowering merchants to grow and e-commerce to thrive, and creating earning opportunities for millions of young adults.  South Asia-focused ringID has managed to amass 20 million + users, among which about 1 million+ users are actively earning and making a living from the ecosystem, utilizing their existing skills and knowledge. RingID offers professional services within the ecosystem.

“The South Asian e-commerce industry is developing, but there are still major obstacles  like behavioral challenges, hesitance of online transaction, infrastructural obstacles and lack of proper delivery channels to take into consideration”, said Ayrin Islam, Co-founder & CEO of ringID.


To alleviate these challenges, ringID has adopted a unique localized customization approach by deploying its Agent Network countrywide to perform the last mile service and product delivery, giving the consumer a zone of comfort. These agents act as a hub of digital products & services that every consumer needs. They will empower rural consumers to make digital transactions. These agents work on a commission earning model on their sales volume and are the local representative, who educates both online & offline (NOT digitally enabled) consumers on e-commerce transactions. They will not only provide product delivery but also function as a return & customer care point.

One of the major leading-edge features of ringID is its Interactive Live and Live Streaming related service line. ringID Interactive Live provides the unique ability for its users to earn and spend within the network. In essence, broadcasters are offering their professional services or simply sharing knowledge on the platform with the added advantage of earning from paid calls, gifts & more. Professional service providers such as doctors, teachers, stylists, beauticians, lawyers, consultants and others can offer a wide range of services to viewers using the Interactive Live platform. They can offer their advice, tips or opinions for free or charge a subscription fee. They can even offer direct and private consultancy using the paid calls feature. 

Blending entertainment through Interactive Live with Instant Purchasing, ringID’s Social commerce offers retailers, brands, and digital platforms a new channel with enormous scope for creating value. ringID Interactive Live provides the unique ability for its users to earn and spend within the network. 

Through its Live Influencer/Ambassadors program, Influencers can create their own Virtual Storefront using the combined features of ringID Live & Marketplace. Viewers will interact with the broadcaster through direct voice and video calls if necessary. They can simply place an order to get the chosen product during a live session. As promoters, broadcasters can offer advice on the products or otherwise promote their preferred products and be rewarded for generating sales.

ringID’s Brand Promoter program allows users to participate in Affiliate Marketing by which they earn a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products, given in ringID’s affiliate network or promotional  Pool.  The affiliate simply searches for products they enjoy, then promotes products via other social networking platforms or social channels to customers including existing friends, family or fan base. When someone buys through the affiliate link, he/she gets a commission.


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