One of the best books to help readers reach their highest potential in 2022: GIVE ME 15 MIN by Malala Noraddin

January 21 22:25 2022

Author Malala Noraddin continues to shepherd readers along a journey of mindfulness and self-awareness with her comprehensive guided journal, GIVE ME 15 MIN. Intended for all ages, genders, and cultural groups, this journal encourages honest reflection in response to thoughtful daily prompts.

GIVE ME 15 MIN. is designed to draw thoughts, feelings, and emotions to the forefront while showing readers how to reach their full potential. Journaling is a recognized technique to improve overall wellness, but people often struggle to find topics from day to day. In GIVE ME 15 MIN., Noraddin poses a question to readers and asks them to reflect on the first word that comes to mind in response. This unique format is meant to challenge users and promote introspection from a variety of angles.

Noraddin draws upon a background in holistic clinical psychology and years of work in the mental health field to deliver an immersive journaling experience. Each question contributes to the overarching goal of helping readers connect with their truest selves.

The open-ended design ensures that GIVE ME 15 MIN. can be adapted to any life circumstances, including general health and confronting trauma. Additionally, unlike in-person courses or lengthy videos, GIVE ME 15 MIN. can easily be incorporated into any schedule.

Reviewers applaud GIVE ME 15 MIN., noting that the content is “mentally stimulating” and offers a mix of simple and probing questions. In a time of uncertainty and transition on a global scale, Noraddin’s journal is an essential addition to any mental health routine.

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Malala Noraddin is an author and mental health professional who specializes in holistic clinical psychology. Born in Iraq and raised in Oregon, she is passionate about developing therapy resources for diverse audiences and underserved communities. Noraddin lives and writes in Kaua’i.

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