Land of Realm is a Unique Play to Earn Metaverse which is Rewarding and Entertaining for the Online Gamers

January 18 19:42 2022
Land of Realm is a Unique Play to Earn Metaverse which is Rewarding and Entertaining for the Online Gamers
Say hello to an exciting and rewarding all new NFT game which promises to be a big hit with online gamers. Land of Realm is a new metaverse for players and builders where they can explore and own their own virtual land.

Vancouver, Canada – The recently launched NFT game, Land of Realm, is making headlines with its unique offer that lets gamers earn revenues by just playing this exciting game. This is going to be another exciting proposition in the online gaming world that continues to evolve every day with the incorporation of innovative ideas and technologies. By integrating DeFi with blockchain gaming, Land of Realm is propelling it into an altogether new dimension.

“We are delighted to launch this game and offer online gamers an opportunity to earn rewards based on their performance,” says Coco, CEO of Land of Realm. “Our team has put in significant efforts in the development of this Metaverse. I am sure our users will enjoy playing the game and at the same time also earn some rewards.”

Land of Realm is the unique play to earn NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain, thus ensuring a robust and resilient technology for the Metaverse. It will be built around a series of NFTs and new virtual land to explore.

“Today, many online gamers are spending more time in virtual worlds, for both recreation and work. This occurs predominantly in 2D interfaces such as the web and mobile phones,” explains Coco. “However, a traversable 3D world adds an immersive component, enabling physical clusters of communities, being able to visit one another’s community; add to this the ability to create unique items within your virtual world, and the possibilities are endless.”

As the blockchain technology continues to grow in popularity, the use of NFTs is also on the rise in multiple niches such as games, digital arts, trading in assets, asset management, etc. Some of the NFT collections have multiplied in their value over a very short period of time making them a lucrative asset class for blockchain gamers and enthusiasts.

The global NFTs market is said to be worth several billions of dollars. The market has undoubtedly turned heads in 2021 and the space continues to widen, with the increasing popularity of digital assets and NFT based rewards in online games.

“We are a passionate team of game developers, artists, and web3 developers, building a complete ecosystem for players all around the world,” says Coco. “Our artists have drafted several amazing components to make each NFT a masterpiece.”

Land of Realm will empower users to own virtual lands, collect and build items to use in-game, and trade them with other players. Inspired by games such as Decentraland and Alice, $LOR will allow users to claim ownership over Non-Fungible Assets, and create or acquire other, in-game assets.

Land of Realm was launched with a vision to make the most of blockchain technology and NFTs by building an integrated economic and social structure that would make it fun and appealing for the gamers. Land of Realm offers more than just digital entertainment; it’s creating a decentralized player-owned economy, where users are well compensated for their skills and performance in the game’s ecosystem. In their proposed roadmap, the team shows its commitment to the development of the Land of Realm ecosystem.

“There are millions of online gamers worldwide, and many of them regularly generate significant revenue with online games. By introducing NFT rewards, Land of Realm allows them the chance to enhance their income doing what they love to do,” remarks Coco. “We are planning to include more exciting features in the near future. We will continue to invest in research and development to offer the latest technology applications for our users.”

Land of Realm is quickly growing more popular every day. This is a perfect opportunity for online gamers and digital art collectors to own a piece of this wonderful collection, which is currently available at a very reasonable floor price. The team at Land of Realm is committed to providing the best platform to users and continues to add more features based on user feedback.

Everyday more blockchain gamers are becoming proud owners of Land of Realm NFT, so don’t expect the floor price to stay low for very long. It’s probably safe to say that Land of Realm is poised to take the NFT gaming community by storm.

Watch out for Version 2 of the game website that is launching soon at

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