Dead Girl Dancing – Moving poetry collection

January 18 19:03 2022
Dead Girl Dancing - Moving poetry collection

“Dead Girl Dancing” by Mike L. Nichols
Mike L. Nichols’ “Dead Girl Dancing” is a widely accessible treatise on grief and loss – and more.

While Mike L. Nichols is no stranger to writing and publishing, this book is his first collection of poetry. Some of the poems in this collection, like “I’m Still Not Tall Enough to Reach” and “I’m Still Not Tall Enough to Reach”, have previously been published in various journals. The poems all talk about death, loss, and grief in one way or the other. One reviewer of the collection said, he could feel the weight of the author’s words getting heavier with every turn of the page, and how tears and smiles were never far from each other during reading the book.

The poems in the debut collection “Dead Girl Dancing” by Mike L. Nichols are sprinkled with slant rhyme and sound. They provide catharsis for those who have experienced death and loss in their own life. The author has worked as a janitor, laborer, bookseller, and produce clerk. Today, he lives and writes in Idaho, where he continues to work on future publications. He earned a B.A. in English from Idaho State University, where he was also awarded the Ford Swetnam Poetry Prize. His short story, “A Silent Passing” was a judges’ choice winner in Idaho Magazine. Interested readers can find his poetry on the web and elsewhere, more information is also available on

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