CryptoIdleUniverse is making passive income more accessible than ever

January 18 16:42 2022
CIU is just about ready to release, offering crypto-savvy investors the chance to earn CIU starting at just $0.20!

The transformation the global economic system has undergone is exemplary. The race is in full swing with the emergence of cryptocurrency, as platforms are ready to serve their clients with something new and better than other crypto competitors with each passing day. 

As cryptocurrency continues to take the world by storm, games, especially play2earn games, are becoming ever more popular. Cryptocurrency is inherently a volatile system, and prices can fluctuate wildly. It is due to this that most play2earn games have high-cost entry. It is where CryptoIdleUniverse comes in with its native token CIU. The game(CryptoIdleUniverse) automatically adjusts its price and token gain rates so that the prices in play are always consistent.

CryptoIdleUniverse is a new next-generation gaming platform that aims to mainstream cryptocurrencies and smart contract-based systems. The blockchain is used for all transactions on the forum, giving it unrivalled flexibility and speed in the gaming industry. They offer Gaming with no human or corporate entity in the intermediary. The system is secure, and the software and transactions are fair and reliable. It’s easy to conclude why Gaming is the future of the virtual world when investors consider how easy to earn money by participating in-game.

They foresee a world where people can receive whatever they need in one crypto ecosystem, and wealth-building strategies that were previously only available to the wealthy become available to everyone, restoring people’s control over their financial systems. The CryptoIdleUniverse network will build a breakthrough ecosystem to attract more people into digital assets, allowing them to earn money by staking, trading, and playing the games while keeping their privacy, security, authority, and autonomy.

The CryptoIdleUniverse token digital asset should be anticipated to develop an ecosystem built on strong monetary regulations and a stable decentralized basis. They have a mission to create a game that makes passive income for its players while maintaining the lowest entry cost. Users only need to enable CIU (BEP20) in their trusted wallets. To provide liquidity assurance, 3% of each transaction produces liquidity that is immediately transferred to PancakeSwap. CIU Features a 1% burn on each trade, 3% to liquidity, and 1% to marketing to ensure the future of the token.

For further information, visit the official website To connect, join Discord, and buy the exclusive token, see PancakeSwap.

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