CBReviewla – A New Solution for Affiliatesto Promote ClickBank Products On YouTube

January 17 11:18 2022
CBaffiliates announced the release of a new major update for their main product: CBReviewla, and this release comes with a new addition dedicated to marketers on YouTube, who promote ClickBank products via videos on YouTube. Please keep reading to know all the details.

Hatem Shaheen, spokesperson for the CB Affiliates’ developer team was quoted as saying, “After hard work for over 4 months, we finally released the major update of CBReviewla package, it helps starter affiliates to save huge time and money and gives them unfair advantage to outperform other affiliates promoting ClickBank offers” 

Every online affiliate knows that ClickBank is one of the hottest marketplaces for digital products. They offer high commissions for promoting their offers.  

We all have heard a lot of stories of how super affiliates are making six figures every single month just by promoting ClickBank products

How Do They Do It? 

One of the most effective marketing strategies most of those affiliates use is creating high quality and very informative product reviews with a slight slant that favors the products. 

This review lead the reader to be more excited and need to learn more information about this product, this makes him click on the affiliate link to go to the official website of the product to get more information. 

This process is called “Pre-Selling” and it converts the cold person into a warm or even hot one who is ready to buy the products immediately. 

Here comes the product’s sales page’s job, where it will be far easy to for it to CONVERT this HOT visitor into BUYER which means instant commissions for the affiliate. 

For beginner affiliate, he/she needs to do research on the product, collate the points, compile your notes, have a nervous breakdown, etc. Many marketers struggle with the research process. 

It is very BORING task and time-consuming. Furthermore, some ClickBank products really do not provide much information on the sales page. 

It’s a very BIG problem, but fortunately, there’s a promising solution offered by CBAffiliates team: CBReviewla

What is CBReviewla? 

Here’s a demo video for CBReviewla: 

CBReviewla is a ready WordPress website comes with in-depth reviews for best-selling products in ClickBank marketplace! 

This smart solution is a 100% DFYwebsite comes with high converting reviews for the best-selling products on ClickBank. This website is easy to install on the server to be live in less than 10 minutes. That’s it! 

The new release of CBReviewla comes in 2 forms: 

  1. CBReviewla (Article Reviews): For bloggers and marketers who want to publish product reviews on their websites.   

  1. CBVideola (Voice Overs): For Youtubers who publish video reviews for ClickBank products on their YouTube channels. 

Find out more about these 2 products, clickhere… 

CBReviewla comes with 180 review articles for 180 products on ClickBank. 

The affiliate will be able to insert his/her ClickBank nickname in all 180 pages with one click 

In addition to the readymade WordPress website, the reviews will also be providedin MS Word files format, in case one want to publish them manually on a current website. 

The package comes with full and well explained video tutorials, installing and configuring video tutorials. 


CBVideola for YouTube: 

CBVideola is a new product upgrade released be CBAffiliates team.It comes with 100 Voice Overs for the best-selling 50 products in ClickBank marketplace. 

All affiliates promoting ClickBank products on YouTube, will consider this package very helpful and huge time saver, and money as well.  

They will be able to use this voice overs audio files to create high quality review videos to publish on YouTube channels, and outperform other affiliates. 


– CBReviewla: Super easy & fast way to make money on ClickBank. – Well-researched and interesting products reviews. – Plug and play website ready to work in few minutes. – All reviews are for the best-selling products on ClickBank. – Easy to insert your ClickBank nickname with one click! 


– The website may seems not impressive for some visitors. – All reviews are from ClickBank marketplace only. – It only install on paid hosting, it won’t install on free hosting services. 


CBAffiliates releases a new version of its main product; CBReviewla – 180 reviews article for the top selling products on ClickBank, these reviews comes packed in a ready WordPress website ready to install and run in 10 minute. 

Also this release comes with a new addition for affiliates promoting ClickBank offers on YouTube, this package comes with 100 Voice Overs for the best 50 products on ClickBank (50 Male voices and 50 Female voices) 

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