Miguel De La Rosa, migrating from the streets of Mexico to pivoting the fitness industry.

January 17 11:09 2022

Miguel De La Rosa’s passion for fitness, hunger for success, and duty to serve others didn’t just happen overnight. The year was 1993, and he was walking barefoot down the dirt streets of Mexico City, washing windows to bring home extra pesos. Traffic was racing, violence was at an all time high, and poverty was the only visible mindset for miles. Raised by two Mexican citizens, working endless shifts, entrepreneurship was in his blood from his young youth.

At age eleven the loss of his mother left him grieving for answers. Feeling alone in the world, Miguel set forth on the next chapter of his life. Hand in hand with his father, they crossed the Sonoran desert for twelve hours by foot in the blistering heat. Thoughts for a better life pushed him along this journey to America, not yet knowing who he would be or what he would become. Entering grade school only speaking Spanish, gave him the motivation to work for the future he had always dreamed of. While others might have seen this as a setback, Miguel worked daily on his English becoming bilingual and developing the early skills of serving both Spanish and English speaking individuals.

Keeping true to his childhood passion, Miguel continued his education at Phoenix Community College, with a soccer scholarship. It was from there that he made the move to Kansas, with a full ride scholarship, as a starter for the Sterling College soccer team. This experience brought him the wisdom of determination, leadership and responsibility. With these three principals, Miguel wanted to give back to the community, by pursuing his dream in law enforcement. Working as a correctional officer in the prison setting, one of his biggest tools for safety was his physical presence. Dealing with daily confrontations and incidents with dangerous criminals, there was no room for body insecurities. It was at this point in his life when the scrawny, soccer player image was no longer supporting the lifestyle he was living. 

Miguel knew it was time for a change and turned to bodybuilding. After competing in multiple bodybuilding competitions, his love of aesthetics pushed him to help others struggling with their desired fitness goals. These stepping stones in life helped mold him into the fitness professional he is today. Miguel De La Rosa, owner of DLR Fitness, thrives on setting individuals up for the healthy lifestyles they so desire. 

DLR is more than just a name, it’s a program that helps others achieve their fitness goals by creating determination, leadership, and responsibility in their everyday life. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Arizona; personal training takes on a whole new approach. With online coaching, nutrition guidance, and accountability, DLR fitness develops healthy mindsets to achieve success and overall happiness. Miguel continues to work on his vision to help as many people as he can to better their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

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