International Businesses and Big Tech choose CORE Languages for Team Building

January 03 14:51 2022
Companies like Bosch, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Google benefit regularly from long-term team building activities.

Research shows that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill at a professional level. However, Josh Kaufman, a best-selling author and business owner, points out that not every skill needs this level of mastery. To learn a skill to a satisfactory level for daily life, people need about 20 hours. What does that mean when a company is planning team building activities with the sole purpose of developing their team’s skills? A one-day team building event will not achieve mastery of one skill, let alone multiple skills. The answer is long-term team building activities. Like one-day activities, long-term activities should focus on mastery of key skills, offer relationship-building opportunities, and have certain qualities.

Indeed says that a superior team building activity offers opportunities for communication, collaboration over competition, building trust, and for increasing and maintaining motivation. It should be an activity with clear expectations that builds on previous knowledge and experience. It should also provide opportunities for feedback as well as promote socialization and networking, creativity, and leadership skills. That is a pretty large order to fill when searching for long-term team building activities. What if there were a team building activity that encompasses all those things?

CORE Languages offers just such a long-term team building activity. Companies such as Bosch, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Google benefit regularly from superior long-term team building activities through language training or intercultural training. CORE Languages offers training sessions to these clients and others either remotely or in person. CORE instructors can meet at the team’s workspace or at an alternate location. They offer individual and group sessions in the language of choice for each company. CORE instructors promote a safe learning environment that promotes trust, respect, as well as communication and collaboration. CORE instructors offer engaging activities with clear expectations that promote high levels of motivation, build on previous knowledge and experience, promote socialization and networking, that also encourage creativity. Language students are given opportunities to improve leadership skills as well as provide feedback to CORE about their corporate language training experience. Experience all the team building benefits that corporate language training offers today!

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